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As Center of Learning
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As Center of Learning

Imam Hasan al-Askari (A.S.) had a brief span of life, only twenty-eight years, but even in this short period, which was furled by a chain of troubles and tribulations, several high ranking scholars benefited from his ocean of knowledge. He also stemmed the flood of atheism and disbelief, which ensued, from the philosophers of that age, winning conspicuous success over them. One of those was Ishaq al-Kindi. He was writing a book on what he called 'self-contradictions" in the Holy Quran. When the news reached the Imam (A.S.), he waited for an opportunity to refute and rebut him. By chance, some of Ishaq's students came to him. The Imam asked them: "Is there anyone among you who can stop Ishaq from wasting his time in this useless effort fighting the Holy QurAn?" The students said: 'sir, we are his students: how can we object to his teaching?" The Imam urged that they could at least convey to their teacher what he had to tell them. They replied that they would be ready to cooperate as much as they could in that respect.

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