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Terminating Pregnancy due to lack of Fetal Growth
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Terminating Pregnancy due to lack of Fetal Growth

Q: My wife is in her 7th month of pregnancy but the fetus has stopped growing due to water insufficiency and they advised us to abort it. Although leaving the fetus inside her womb does not harm her health, but she is in a bad psychological situation. Moreover, if the fetus survives, there is a great probability that it will born with congenital anomalies. Is aborting it allowed?

A: Abortion is not permissible and what is mentioned does not justify committing a haram act. However, if it was definite diagnosis by a reliable doctor and to keep the fetus inside the uterus proves difficult and unbearably hard for the mother, it is allowed to abort it before the soul enters it but, by caution, blood money should be paid. Yet, after soul entrance, abortion is absolutely haram.

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