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The Love Ali (a.s.) Had For Fatima (a.s.) Love to Wish For
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The Love Ali (a.s.) Had For Fatima (a.s.) Love to Wish For

Imam Ali (a.s.) knew what Fatima Al Zahraa (a.s.) place and rank is. He loved her with all his heart and was always good to her, he treated her well and respected her not only because of Islamic teachings (Islam shows that women are not lower than men and that they do not have the right to disrespect them or mistreat them) but also because he knew how much the Prophet (pbuh&hh) loved Fatima, that whenever he visited her house he would hug and kiss her and tell her that he can smell paradise when he is near her. Imam Ali (a.s.) knew that she was Master of Women of the Worlds and he valued her.

This is the kind of example men should look up to when they are dealing with women. Muslim scholars narrate that when Fatima (a.s.) died, Imam Ali (a.s.) stood by her grave and composed this poem.

"My soul is the captive of my sighs, I wish it left my body with the sighs. There is nothing good in life after your death, and indeed I weep fearing that my life becomes long.

And when he shook the dust off his hands after burying Fatima (a.s.), a new wave of grief erupted inside him and while tears streamed down his cheeks he turned his face towards Rasolollah's grave and said: Peace be upon you O Rasolollah! From me and from your daughter who just descended to your proximity, and who joined you so soon.

O Rasolollah! My patience in the absence of your true friend has reduced and my endurance has thinned; except that your great separation and grave calamity is my only consolation, for surely I was the one who laid you in your grave, and between my throat and my chest your soul left your body; "Surely we are Allah's and to Him we shall surely return".

The deposit has surely been returned and the pledge has been taken back!

As for my sorrow, it is eternal; and as for my night, it is sleepless; until Allah chooses for me your home in which you reside.

And your daughter shall inform you of your nation assisting each other in her oppression; so ply her with questions, and ask her about it (for surely numerous burnings are agitating in her chest about which she could not find a way to speak.

And peace be upon you O Rasolollah from one who says farewell, who is neither bored nor hateful. So if I leave it is not because of weariness; and if I stay, it is not because I doubt what Allah has promised the patient.

And patience is more favorable and more graceful. And if it were not for the dominance of the usurpers over us, I would have certainly stayed next to your grave; and I would have surely wailed the wailing of the graveness of the disaster.

So in the eyes of Allah, your daughter is secretly buried?! And her right is forcefully usurped?! And her inheritance is openly withheld?!"

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