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Necessity of Hijab

The divine commandments and clear orders of the Almighty God in the Qur’an impart to us the following points in describing the philosophy of necessity of hijab:

1. Preventing the scope of promiscuity in the society and the increasing number of the illegitimate children is considered as another reason for the philosophy of necessity of hijab.

A brief review of the number of children born illegitimately in the U.S.A. (1999) shows that most of the newly born children are illegitimate. If we have a look at how such trend has been shaped up, we can see that the basic and underlying infrastructures in the occurrence of such processes are ‘nudity’ and the boundless relationship between men and women.

2. When the woman’s nudity turns into a value in the society, it will be normal for her to start making up and exhibiting herself within the society. In such a society, woman would not be anymore evaluated on the basis of her knowledge, wisdom and awareness, and she turns into a puppet of sexiness and tool to earn money for a wicked, tricky and infernal group of people; In fact, it finally comes to the point when this principle shapes up social trends: “the more the sexual attraction, the greater the personality values”‌!

* By Mahboubeh Gandom Abaadi (A Seminary Graduate and Lecturer). Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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