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Husband's Maintaining His Wife with Haram Money

Q: If a husband maintains his wife using haram or mixed (both haram and halal) money, what is the ruling in the following two cases:
a) If she knows that the maintenance is from haram money, is she allowed to get Imam’s (aj.) share of khums to live in order to avoid using the haram money? And if she is allowed, is the husband still responsible for maintaining her or not?
b) If she has her own money, should she use it for her living and avoid using her husband’s haram money?

A: a) She is not allowed to take from haram money if she knows about it and she can get khums money by the permission of the authority in charge of khums or his attorney. In any case, the husband’s responsibility of maintaining his wife does not cease to be obligatory, i.e. he is still responsible for that.
b) She is not obliged to maintain herself using her own money. At the same time, she is not permitted to use the [husband’s] haram money.

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