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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Ziyarat of Fatima Zahraa (a.s.)

O the carefully examined, tried and measured by Him who created you,

and found you, in your test, cool and compact, steady and stable.

I tell the truth about you; calm and quiet, with self- control and composure (you)

put up with all that which your father and his "Wasi" (successor) came across,

blessings of Allah be on them.

I beseech you, (If I have stated the truth), to bind me together with the testimony, concerning both of

them, in order to give joy and satisfaction to my heart and soul.

So bear witness that truly I, by heart, made evident your, and your children's "wilayat"

(superintendent guardianship), blessings of Allah be on them all.

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