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Muslim Parents Attitude
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Muslim Parents Attitude

A positive attitude is very important as inshaAllah, it will make our life easier. In life, not everything goes as smoothly as we want it to be. This is the nature of this world - it is a testing ground. There will be times when we will face problems and obstacles. The most challenging part is not when our life goes smoothly but how we react when we experience problems and difficulties.

We should be grateful to Allah at times of ease and patient in times of difficulty. And we should always put out trust in Allah.

As Muslim parents, the benefits of having a positive attitude should also effect our approach to raising children. With this in mind, below are some very simply points that we should try to keep in mind each day. It may help if you print them off and read it every day or so inshaAllah.

• I am raising my child to be a successful representative of Allah, who will help create a truly Islamic World.

• I will try my best to know and understand all the influences upon my child’s development,

• both internal and external influences.

• I will try help them understand the effects of negative and positive influences.

• I will try to increase their exposure to positive influences and shield them from negative ones.

• I will try my best to notice the good things my child does or says, and tell them how much those things are appreciated by Allah and then by me.

• I will try my best to not be critical of my child and try to use positive ways to correct wrong behavior.

• I will try my best to be an example for my child according to the teachings of Islam.

• I will ask for Allah’s help that I can be a good parent for my child and that they be a good child.

• I will love my child unconditionally, but I will control that love and use it only when it is most beneficial to my child.

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