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Too Much TV Ups Kids' Health Risk
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Too Much TV Ups Kids' Health Risk

Children who watch more than two hours of television a day are putting their health at risk, medical experts have warned.

Youngsters who spent several hours either watching the television or playing a computer were found to be significantly less fit and healthy than those who did not, a study showed, Telegraph said.

The survey of the cardiovascular fitness of 2,750 children of ages 11 to15 years found that a child’s level of aerobic fitness directly corresponds to how much time they spend on "small screen" activities.

Among the findings were those girls of ages 13 and 15 who spent more than four hours a day in front of a screen were 50 percent less fit than their peers who spent a maximum of two hours.

In general, those who watch more television or played longer on the computer were found to be ‘significantly’ less fit than those who did not.

Almost two-thirds of those taking part in the study admitted to watching more than two hours of television each day. Dr. Lousie Hardy, who led the study at the University of Sydney’s NSW Center for Overweight and Obesity, said children should spend a maximum of two hours sitting in front of a screen. Any longer and their health would suffer.

Dr. Hardy said high levels of sedentary behavior in children could not only lead to obesity or reduced fitness, but also impact on healthy bone development at a critical time in their development.

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