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Things which are Makrooh for a Person Observing Fast

* Certain things are Makrooh for a person observing fast, some of them are mentioned below :

(i) Using eyedrops and applying Surma if its taste or smell reaches the throat.

(ii) Performing an act, which causes weakness, like blood-letting (extracting the blood from the body) or going for hot bath.

(iii) Inhaling a snuff if one is not aware that it might reach the throat; and if one is aware that it will reach the throat its use is not permissible.

(iv) Smelling fragrant herbs.

(v) For women, to sit in the water.

(vi) Using suppository, that is, letting into rectum a stimulant for bowels.

(vii) Wetting the dress which one is wearing.

(viii) Getting a tooth extracted or doing something as a result of which there is bleeding in the mouth.

(ix) Cleaning the teeth with a wet toothbrush.

(x) Putting water or any other liquid in the mouth without a good cause.

It is also Makrooh for a fasting person to court or woo his wife without the intention of ejaculation; or to do something which excites him sexually. And if he does it with the intention of ejaculation, and no ejaculation takes place, his fast, as an obligatory precaution, will be deemed void.

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