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Obedient Parents
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Obedient Parents

Family is a social unit, and there is an interconnected and comprehensive relationship among its members. This relationship differentiates family from the many other social units. Because parents spend most of their time with their children, their relationship to the children could have a significant role on the formation of the behavioral patterns in children. A healthy and dynamic family is one with human and healthy relationship among its members, especially among parents and children.

The most capable parents are those who have the needed knowledge and skills to relate to their children.

To know how to relate to one’s children is necessary for parents. Family is the most important center, in which the physical and mental needs of the people are satisfied. Therefore, parents need to make a calm, peaceful, and loving environment at home. Unfortunately, some parents do not know how to treat their children and they think that to establish a kind relationship with their children means to pay excessive attention to them, or to spoil them, in other words. This will make a lot of problems for parents and even for children themselves.

* Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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