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Quran, Imam Ali (a.s.) and Shi'a
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Quran, Imam Ali (a.s.) and Shi'a

In the Name Of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Merciful

O Allah! Send your blessings to the head of your Messengers and the Last of your Prophets Mohammad (pbuh&hh), and his pure and cleansed progeny.

The Glorious Quran Chapter 2 Verse 207

And among men there is one who selleth his self (soul) seeking the pleasure of God; and verily, God is affectionate unto His (faithful) servants.﴿

It is held unanimous by the Scholars of the two Islamic schools, that this verse was revealed for Imam Ali (a.s.), when he readily slept in the bed of the Prophet (pbuh & hh), when the latter to the will of God had to migrate from Mecca to Medina.

The one who would agree to offer himself instead of the Holy Prophet (pbuh & hh) who was wanted by the enemy must essentially have:
- The safety of the Prophet (pbuh & hh) preferred to his own safety
- Implicit faith in the duty of a man to earn the pleasure of the Almighty Allah and His Prophet Mohammad (pbuh & hh), at any cost, even at the cost of his own life
- The courage of surrendering himself willingly with the utmost peace of mind, to sleep under the swords, ready to fall upon him
- The confidence and faith in God's protection

And on the night of Hijrah, Allah the glorious revealed to Jibrail and Mikail I have established brotherhood between you two and have ordained the life of one longer than the life of the other. Now, are you willing to make a present of the extra length of life to the other?

But each preferred the longer life for himself. Then Allah revealed Why not follow the example of Ali ibn Abu Talib. I have established brotherhood between him and Mohammad (pbuh & hh). He is now sleeping on the bed of Mohammad in order to save his life by sacrificing his own. Now descend both of you to the earth and protect him from his enemies.

Both the angels descended. Jibrail took up his position near Ali's head and Mikail near his feet. Jibrail was crying out aloud Excellent. Excellent. O son of Abu Talib! There is none like you. Allah is making boast of you before the angels.

And it was on this very occasion that the above verse was revealed.

- Tafsir al Kabir, by Fakhr ad Din al Razi, v 2 p 189 (for the above narrate)
- Hakim al Mustadrak, v 3 p 4
- Ghayatul Maryam, p 344 -> 345
- Tafseer e Qurtubi, v 3 p 347
- Asadul Ghaiba fe Marifatil As Sahaba, v 4 p 25
- Tafseer Nishapoori (Allama Nishapori) , v 1 p 281
- Kifyatul Talib, p 114
- Zhakhiar al Uqba, p 88
- Noor ul Absar, p 86

Imam Ali (a.s.) composed about this incident (poetry)

I staked my life for the man who was the best of all those who circumbulated the Ancient House and the Sacred Stone!

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