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Quds Day is the Day for the Weak and Oppressed to Confront the Oppressors

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Quds Day is an international day, it is not a day devoted to Quds alone. It is the day for the weak and oppressed to confront the arrogant powers, the day for those nations suffering under the pressure of American oppression and oppression by other powers to confront the superpowers; it is the day when the oppressed should arm themselves against the oppressors and rub their noses in the dirt; it is the day when the hypocrites will be distinguished from the true believers. For the true believers acknowledge this day as Quds Day and do what they must do. The hypocrites, however, those who are secretly affiliated with the superpowers and are friends of Israel, are either indifferent on this day or do not allow the people to hold demonstrations.

Quds Day is the day when the fate of the oppressed nations should be determined. The oppressed nations should announce their existence against the oppressors, and just as Iran rose up and rubbed the noses of the oppressors in the dirt, and will continue to do so, so too all the nations should rise up and throw these germs of corruption into the rubbish bin.

Quds Day is the day when the followers of the former regime in Iran and those who conspire for the corrupt regime (Israel) and the superpowers in other regions, particularly in Lebanon, should be put in their place. It is the day when we must strive to rescue Quds and deliver our Lebanese brothers from these pressures. It is the day when we must free all the oppressed from the clutches of the oppressors, the day when the Muslim community, when all the Muslims should announce their existence and warn the superpowers . . . Quds Day is the day when the superpowers should be warned to stay at home and leave the oppressed alone. Israel, the enemy of mankind, the enemy of humanity, which is creating disturbances every day and is attacking our brothers in south Lebanon, must realize that its masters are no longer accepted in the world and must retreat. They must give up their ambitious designs on Iran, their hands must be severed from all the Islamic countries and their agents in these countries must step down. Quds Day is the day for announcing such things, for announcing such things to the satans who want to push the Islamic nations aside and bring the superpowers into the arena. Quds Day is the day to dash their hopes and warn them that those days are gone.

Quds Day is the day of Islam; it is the day when Islam should be revived, so let us revive it and implement Islamic laws in the Islamic countries. Quds Day is the day when we must warn all the superpowers that they can no longer keep Islam under their control by means of their evil agents. Quds Day is the day to give life to Islam. The Muslims must awaken, they must come to realize the power they have, the material power and the spiritual. What are the Muslims, who form a population of one billion, enjoy divine support and have Islam and their faith behind them, afraid of? . . . The governments of the world should know that Islam will not be defeated, Islam and the teachings of the Quran should prevail in all countries. Religion should be the religion of God and Islam is the religion of God so it should advance on all regions of the world. Quds Day is the day to announce such a matter, the day to announce Muslims, advance! Advance on all the regions of the world. Quds Day is not confined to (matters pertaining to) Palestine alone, it is the day of Islam, the day of Islamic government, the day when the flag of an Islamic Republic should be raised in all (Islamic) countries, the day when the superpowers should be made to realize that they can no longer advance on the Islamic countries.

I see Quds Day as a day of Islam and a day of the Most Noble Messenger (peace be upon him and his descendants). It is the day when we must prepare all our forces and bring the Muslims out of the seclusion they (the foreign powers and their agents) forced them into, so that with all their might and main they can stand up to the foreigners. And with all our strength we are standing against the foreigners and will not allow anyone else to interfere in our countries affairs. The Muslims should not allow anyone else to interfere in the affairs of their country. On Quds Day, the nations should caution those governments which are traitors. Quds Day is the day when we shall discover which individuals and which regimes approve of the conspiracies of international groups and oppose Islam. Those who do not participate oppose Islam and are in agreement with Israel, and those who participate are committed, are in agreement with Islam and oppose the enemies of Islam at the head of whom are America and Israel. It is a day when truth will be distinguished from falsehood, the day when truth and falsehood will be distinct.

I beseech God the Blessed and Exalted to grant victory to Islam over all sections of the population in the world and to the oppressed over all the oppressors. And I beseech God the Blessed and Exalted to deliver our brothers in Palestine, in Lebanon and in southern Lebanon, indeed anywhere in the world they may be, from the hands of the oppressors and plunderers.

Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of God and the Imams of the Muslims

* Imams message dated 16 August 1979 (25 Murdad 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 8, pp. 233-234

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