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Mental and Emotional Signs of Abuse and Addiction
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Mental and Emotional Signs of Abuse and Addiction

Abuse and addiction also affect mood, as drugs are abused for the temporary good feelings they provide. These feelings can vary depending on the drug used.

Some mental and emotional signs include:

• Cycles of being unusually talkative, “up” and cheerful, with seemingly boundless energy.

• Increased irritability, agitation and anger

• Unusual calmness, unresponsiveness or looking “spaced out”

• Apathy and depression

• Paranoia, delusions

• Temporary psychosis, hallucinations

• Lowered threshold for violence

Teenagers and Drug Abuse

It can sometimes be hard for parents to tell if their teenager has a drug problem. After all, teenagers are notorious for oversleeping, being argumentative and pushing boundaries, or wanting their own privacy and space. If you suspect your teen has a drug problem, look for marked changes in behavior, appearance and health. Is your teen suddenly having trouble in school? Does he/or she seem more and more isolated, or have a new group of friends? A teen with drug problems may spend a lot of time sleeping- or be keyed up or unable to sleep. Have you noticed that money or objects that could be sold for drugs seem to be disappearing? Do prescription drugs seem to be used up too quickly?

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