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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Alphabets of Success from the Holy Qur'an

Allah will exalt those who believe among you, and those who have knowledge to high ranks. 58: 11(Surah No. and Verse No.)

Bring the truth and believe therein ” such are the dutiful. 39: 13

Conspire together for righteousness and piety and keep your duty toward Allah. 58: 9

Do not conceal truth knowingly. 2: 42

Eat of the good things and do right. 23: 51

Follow not the way of mischief-makers. 7: 142

Grieve not for the sake of that which has escaped you nor yet exult because of that which hath been given. 57: 23

Hypocrisy is the most hateful in the sight of Allah. 61: 3

Ingrate and a liar is not guided by Allah. 39: 3

Keep to forgiveness, and enjoin kindness and turn away from the ignorant. 7: 199

Lieth, and ye faileth miserably. 20: 61

Man has only that for which he maketh effort. 53: 39

Naught is the life of the world save a pastime and sport. 6: 32

O Children of Adam. Look to your adornment at every place of worship and eat and drink, but be not prodigal. 7: 31

Prodigals and liars are not guided by Allah. 40: 28

Qur'an is recited whenever, Give ear to it and pay heed, that you may obtain Mercy. 7: 20

Repel the evil deed with one, which is better. 40: 34

Seek help in patience and prayer. 2: 45

Those who believe and do good works, and theirs is a reward unfailing. 95: 6

Unto piety ye will not attain until ye spend of that which you love. 3: 92

Verily in the messenger of Allah ye have a good example. 33: 21

Whosoever is saved from his own greed, such are the successful. 64: 16

Extend kindness to parents. 17: 23 and 29: 8

Your wealth and your children are only a temptation. 64: 15

Givers of zakah, the diligent in prayer, the believers in Allah and the Last Day: Upon these Allah shall bestow immense reward. 4: 162

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