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175 Martyred Divers

On the 22nd of September, 1980 Iraq declared war on Iran. Saddam Hussein's army launched an assault on Iran and that was the beginning of a war which was to last for eight long years. The Iranians were fervent and impassioned in the defense of their homeland, and thousands of men went to the front in order to repel the Iraqi army.

The bodies of more than forty thousand martyrs remained on the battlefields and during the years which followed the conflict many martyrs were found. Up to this very day, search missions are undergone in order to find the bodies of martyrs especially on the border between Iran and Iraq and also inside Iraqi lands.

About a month ago, 270 martyrs were found inside Iraqi territory and 175 of them were divers who were martyred in Operation Karbala 4, in the year 1987.

The searchers found these bodies farther off from the front line and they had been buried in mass graves. It seems as if they had been captives because their hands were bound, and it also seems that they were buried alive because there are were no traces of bullets or wounds on their bodies.
The news of these martyrs has given rise to questions about how they were martyred and officials have held a press conference to answer the inquiries, and one of the bodies of the heroic martyrs was placed for all to see.

These martyrs have ignited people's emotions and stirred their affections. Their funeral was on Tuesday the 16th of June in Tehran and thousands of people participated in saying farewell to these heroic men.

Note: Translation by Islamic Al-Maaref Net, Image from khamenei.ir

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