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Rules of Fasting (2)

Fasting is an act of worship so a person has to fast with the intention of getting close to God. It is not necessary to verbally express this intention; having this resolve is enough.

The intention comprises of the resolve to refrain from whatever invalidates the fast from dawn until sundown.

In the holy month of Ramadan, one intention from the beginning of the month is enough, and a person may also make a separate intention before each day. However, if he/she has one intention for the entire month then it should be continuous and should not be broken off with breaking the fast on any day.

The time when a person should have an intention to fast is before dawn.

What are some of the things that invalidate the fast?

1-Eating and Drinking

2-Allowing thick particles to reach one's throat
If a person who is fasting intentionally swallows thick particles or allows them to reach his throat, then his fast becomes void as a caution. An example on this is: Particles of dirt or wheat.

There is no difference if these particles reach the throat by means of the mouth or the nose. If particles reach the mouth and a person spits them out or reach the nose and are removed then the fast does not become void. This is also the case if a person does not intentionally swallow them.

Swallowing vapor which ascends from water or food does not make a fast void. However, if it turns to liquid in the mouth and a person intentionally swallows it then his fast becomes void.

3-Ascribing lies to God, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his Household), and the Infallible Imams (peace be upon them)

4-Immersion of entire head in water

5-Intentionally vomiting

6-Sexual Intercourse

7-Intentional Ejaculation

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