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Zakat Al-Fitra

Zakat Al-Fitra is charity which is given to the poor at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

A person must give Zakat al-Fitra on his own behalf and behalf of everyone he supports such as his wife and children.

The amount of zakat al-fitra is about three kilograms of food.

What is Zakat al-fitra composed of?

Zakat al-fitra may be either wheat, barley, dates, raisins, corn, rice and such food. It is sufficient to give the value of one of these things in money.

If a person is a guest of another person on the night before Eid Al-Fitr and he sleeps at his guest's home then the one offering hospitality should pay zakat al-fitra on his guest's behalf.

The priority is to give zakat al-fitra to the poor religious people in one's own region.

It is religiously unlawful for someone who is Hashemite to take zakat al-fitra from someone who is not Hashemite.

Who should pay zakat al-fitra?

1-One who has reached the age of when it is necessary to fulfill religious duties
2-One who is free and not enslaved
3-One who has the means to pay

In order to pay zakat al-fitra, one must fulfill these conditions in the night before Eid Al-Fitra

There is a certain time period in which one must pay zakat al-fitra: From sunset on the last day of Ramadan until the Zawal (time for offering Noon Prayer) of Eid.

If one wants to offer Eid Prayer, as an obligatory caution he should give zakat al-Fitra before Eid Prayer.

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