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The Guardian of Imam Hussein’s Prayer

The Guardian of Imam Hussein’s Prayer
Hadi Kobaysi

Words addressed to Sa’id son of Abdullah Al-Hanafi
The man who stood in front of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) while he was offering his last prayer at Karbala

Tell us about the last time he raised his hands in supplication…
What did he say?
Tell us about the melody in his voice
And the effect of thirst on it
Speak to us about his prostration or about his bow [in prayer]
There is no difference…I know you were listening
You were heedless concerning the arrows
I know you were only listening…

How can one who was bombarded with arrows ask?
Tell us a bit about the one who was standing behind you
A few words…a whisper - nothing more
What effect does guarding Imam Hussein during prayer…
Have on the heart?

When you turned toward Hussein
Asking him if you had fulfilled your oath
Tell me what wine it was…
The wine of: “O Son of the Messenger of Allah, have I lived up to my vow?”
Tell us how it tasted…
The wine which only you have tasted in all creation- and none other will
Speak to us a bit about that wine…

We know that we cannot take your place for an instant
But only scatter upon us some of the dust which was under your feet
There…where Imam Hussein stood praying
And you were praying…offering to Allah the supplication of arrows

Grant us one of the moments of union
The moments of embracing the arrows
The moments of kissing the messengers of departure
Grant us one of the moments of mercy
When darkness disperses away from the heart!

Maybe we will never know what affected ‘Abes
What kindled [in] his ribs…
And how his infatuation was
Speak to us a bit
You are the one aware of the affairs of infatuation!
You are the one who stood in the prayer of sorrows
Tell us some of his secret…

Tell us, what was the impact of the first arrow?
On a breast wearied with thirst.
What was the impact of the tenth arrow
On a bleeding body
On a heart full of keenness on loyalty
Tell us about the thirteenth-the last arrow
The arrow of Union
Tell us about the sorrow
When other than you will stand in front of him
During the second prayer
We are unacquainted with the impact of the arrows
Unacquainted with the tone of arrows and standing firm
In front of Imam Hussein while he is praying…

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