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Excerpts from Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's Speech on the Night of the First of Muharram

Excerpts from Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Speech on the Night of the First of Muharram
14 October, 2015

We will start from Palestine: From the heart of the conflict, the core of the battle, and the central encounter. The past year of the Hijra which we are now bidding farewell to has departed with very crucial events in Palestine during the past few weeks. We are witnessing a very intense national movement in Jerusalem, the Aqsa Mosque, the West Bank, and also in the Gaza Strip and the occupied lands of 1948 in a manner where it seems like the beginning of a new uprising; a third Intifada.

The Palestinians have not yet named it a third Intifada up till now, and no one should precede the Palestinians in describing their [own] state of affairs. During these past few days and weeks, the Palestinians –as usual- have displayed a high degree of courage, defiance, and determination including the ability to endure and the readiness to sacrifice- and they are well-known for possessing this readiness.

Despite what we see of the number of martyrs and wounded, the confiscated and demolished homes, and the [security] measures of the enemy, we find this Palestinian determination. This is an expression of the level which I have [just] mentioned. On the other hand, confusion and anxiety have prevailed over the enemy’s government and settlers, and uneasiness has also prevailed in some world countries which consider themselves to be concerned one way or another in the Palestinian affair.

Through considering the situation and transformations in the region- and what the Israelis state every year when they study the strategic setting of the “State of Israel”- the Americans and Zionist Israelis had considered that the region was preoccupied with inner [affairs]. [They perceived that] there were wars and commotions in more than one country and nation, and that each one was preoccupied with its [own] calamities, state of affairs, files, and crises. The Palestinian people who live in Palestine were also aware of this matter and these dilemmas. This is why the Americans and Israelis considered that it would be logical and natural for the Palestinians living inside [occupied Israeli territory] to enter into a state of despair; a state of disheartenment, a blocked horizon, and the loss of any hope. Thus, they would not display any reaction or any positive strong movement in the field of action. The provocations aiming at the Aqsa Mosque commenced on the highest scale in order to demolish it or at the very least- as it is said- to “divide it”: in territory, time, or both.

The only one who was truly able through logic and in the field of action to confront this provocation and aggression was the Palestinian nation. This nation is the most qualified, most entitled, most worthy, and most capable of confronting this provocation and protecting the Aqsa Mosque, and this began during the first days through the courageous men and women who kept vigil inside the Aqsa Mosque and in the city of Jerusalem, and they prevented the groups of settlers from occupying this blessed mosque until the events lately developed into bloody and intense clashes. There is no doubt that this came as a surprise to the [Israeli enemies] and worried and troubled [them]. It also surprised the Americans who considered that the Palestinian case was dormant and that there was nothing or no one who could revive it.

Here we must record once again that the Palestinian nation always surprises the world through its regeneration and overcoming of all difficulties and elements of despair and frustration.

In all cases, as long as we are [reliving] the nights of Karbala and the confrontation of Truth against Falsehood –in content and essence and in the victory of blood over the sword and in the result and outcome [we say]: The battleground of Palestine is one of the most obvious and prominent examples of the confrontation of Truth against Falsehood. We are faced with an issue which has no defect and should not be a point of debate from the religious, ethical, humane, intellectual, or legislative aspect. Today, one of the most prominent examples of the confrontation of Truth against Falsehood is this battle which is raging now inside occupied Palestine, and its result will be the victory of blood over the sword just as always.

This escalating national movement is expected to continue, and it concerns us here to emphasize the following:

1-As Hezbollah, [we pledge] our full support to the resistance of the oppressed and struggling Palestinian nation: to its struggle, uprising, and rights, and [we will] always stand to its side just like we have [previously] done.

2-We call upon everyone to offer aid through all means and methods possible and available.

3-We call upon everyone to act with responsibility concerning these events and developments in Palestine.

Demoralization is when media outlets -which are very numerous in the Arabian World- and political actors and countries and governments demoralize the Palestinian people and tell them: “You are doing something to no avail and [it will have] no result. You are wasting the blood of your sons and youths and destroying your homes. This movement and uprising has no horizon and it will lead to nowhere. [They] always doubt the usefulness [of movement] and the Resistance and resistance and uprising movements were always confronted by this. All over the globe and especially in the Arabian World, we will find servants of America and Israel who will strive to thwart these national movements, and to stab, weaken, and eliminate them just like before.

The Palestinian nation has no choice other than the one which it always resorts to: the choice of resistance, uprising, and national rising through different forms in order to impose its will upon those who have occupied its land.

The [current] events entail that each nation should bear its responsibility and destiny, and should form its future through its [own] will, its women, children, blood, and tears and should wait for no one in this world.

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