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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Unity in the Words of Imam Khomeini

Islamic brotherhood is the source of every good.

In Islam, there is no [such thing] as Sunni or Shiite, Kurdish or Persian. All are brothers.

As long as you are one body, then no one will be able to defeat you.

We should all understand that our unified word is the secret of our victory, and we should not waste this matter.

One of the essential obligations which we should all fulfill is defending Islam and the Islamic Republic, and this cannot be achieved without unity.
Islam came to unify all the nations of the world- Arabs, non-Arabs, Turks, and Persians- and to establish a great nation in this world which is the Islamic Nation.

We should all- Sunnis and Shiites- fraternize with each other in order to cut off the way of those who strive to plunder what we have.

Don't call too much for unity in [your] words but then abandon the pursuit to accomplish it practically.

Today, your need for a unified word is more urgent than yesterday, and in tomorrow it will be more urgent than today.

Let us be brothers because disputation is a characteristic of the people of hell.

If the Islamic Nation does not awaken and does not perceive its duties
If scholars of Islam do not sense their responsibilities and do not rise
And if genuine Islam –which is the unifying and mobilizing factor for all Islamic sects in the face of foreigners and is the insurer of the sovereignty and independence of Islamic nations and countries- remains hidden by foreign agents behind the dark shroud of colonization, and if the flame of disagreement and separation ignites between Muslims then days full of more disasters and catastrophes will await the Islamic society And a destructive peril will threaten the foundation of Islam and the laws of the Quran.

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