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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Media in the Words of Imam Khomeini

Present the genuine Islam to the world through true media.

The world today is controlled by the media.

Martyrs produce writers, and there are some writers who produce martyrs.

A pen in itself forms a type of weapon, so it should be in virtuous and righteous hands.

A free pen is the pen which does not strive to weave conspiracies.

Your greatest responsinility today lies in the pens which [you hold] between your fingers.

The role of radio and television today is greater than all other devices.

We are not against the radio but we are against abomintation. We are not against television but we are against everything which serves foreigners in keeping our youth underdeveloped, and against everything which leads to the waste of our human potentials.

Teleision, radio, and newspapers should fulfill their role [of guidance].

You should be aware that the most important thing which can accomplish victory for this revolution and to export it abroad is media- especially true media.

One of the most important matters is to strengthen and expand media, especially abroad.

What presents the most sublime services is what contributes to the development of our human potentials. This is the responsibility of publications. The importance of publications is similar to the importance of the blood which is shed on the battlefronts.

Pay attention! If you want your country to be Islamic, its publications should be Islamic as well.

We are not against the cinema, we are against the centers of corruption.

We are against the cinema whose programs lead to the corruption of our youths' ethics and the destruction of our Islamic culture.

Westerners- the British before and America and the rest of the powerful countries currently- have striven through their broad media to make poor countries believe that they are powerless in front of them.

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