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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

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Seize the Opportunity of the Month of Ramadan

Seize the Opportunity of the Month of Ramadan
Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei

"Seize the opportunity of the month of Ramadan. [Spend] its days fasting, and its nights with glorification and supplication. Supplication is your heart's connection with Allah. Supplication means requesting and speaking [with Allah], and requesting means hope. As long as you don't have hope, you won't ask Allah for anything. A despairing person is the one who doesn't ask for anything.

Thus, supplication means [having] hope in the answer, and this hope is what kindles hearts and lights them. Through the blessing of supplication, society becomes active.

The essential point in fasting [during] the month of Ramadan is for a person – who has been surrounded by the causes for being heedless of Allah, and [these causes] have blocked his path [while] different motives pull him toward descending and falling – an opportunity through which he can propel the soul, which is inclined toward ascension and perfection, toward perfection, and to become close to Allah and to acquire divine manners. The month of Ramadan is such an opportunity.

Of course, there are opportunities other than the month of Ramadan. For example, these five daily prayers are opportunities through which we benefit in order to ascend toward Allah and to reform ourselves…"

Leader's Speech on June 7, 2016
First Day of Ramadan 1437 Hijra

On first day of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of revelation, a Quranic recitation gathering was held.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei attended this particular congregation that consisted of eight outstanding memorizers, reciters and scholars of the holy Quran from across the nation. The talented presenters recited verses from the holy Quran and choirs recited tributes of praise and worship for the Lord.

Ayatollah Khamenei commenced his speech by paying tribute to the Quran reciters and pilgrims martyred during the Mina stampede of Hajj 2015.

His Eminence then described the beauty and eloquence of the Quranic gathering in terms of a miracle. He related the gathering to an entrance or door in which one is absorbed by the soaring and eloquent expressions of the holy Quran.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed on the necessity of promoting these Quranic meetings across the country, expressing contentment for the promotion of Quranic circles, particularly among the youth.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the reality that the world, in its current conditions, is in an increasing need of Quranic concepts by adding: “If the inspiring concepts of the Quran are delivered to people in the modern language, it will certainly be very effective. It will prepare the groundwork for genuine progression of humankind; dignity, wellbeing, spiritual elevation, expansion of thought and belief, felicity and peace of the soul are all tied into behaving in harmony with the Quran. If these concepts are delivered, the Quran will spread its influence on the world; the major powers, their weapons, nor can the Zionist regime threaten that influence.”

Finally, His Eminence described spiritual and religious peace as one of the blessings of gaining acquaintance with Quranic concepts and added: “This peace will prepare the ground for consolidating one’s faith in the Greatness of God and His Divine power.”

(Speech report derived from khamenei.ir)

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