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5: The Marriage Contract

Waiting for Abbas (5)
The Marriage Contract

Perhaps you have faced such a thing before, [that] sometimes it seems that you don't accept something easily and [the] beginning might be very hard, but the end [turns out to be] entirely different due to hearing an honest word or seeing a simple incident.
Abbas's honesty during those moments transferred me from one shore to another. His words affected my heart very much. On that day- and in order for my decision to be precise, I [did an istikhara] and the holy verse was: {Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star, kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light. Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah setteth forth for mankind similitudes, for Allah is Knower of all things.}
With this verse, there was no more way to refuse. In order not to forget, [I want to point out] that there is a primary point in this verse and it is more linked to Abbas and his spirituality. I realized it later from Abbas himself. According to a group of narrations, and on the basis of some interpretations, the venerable entity of Fatima Al-Zahraa (peace be upon her) is the topic of this verse.
During the engagement ceremonies when the discussion was about the dowry and such [matters], Abbas said with complete ease- just like the previous times: "I have nothing other than reliance upon the Exalted Allah."
Even to the day before I had not yet resolved [the] issue of marriage, but now I have to consider the matter and end it seriously with my parents, and at least I must satisfy them. The dowry [amounted] to 16000 tomans. At the beginning, my father proffered that I should have a share in the house, and it really mattered to him that I should go to my [own] home but Abbas's family said: "Now we can't."
My father said: "Offer something so that they can be able to purchase a house later on, God-willing."
On the 12th of October 1982, we went to buy the necessities of the engagement. Abbas's mother brought a necklace which Abbas's father gave to me as a present on the night of the contract. I brought him a watch as a gift. The day after was the ceremony of the contract at our home, and it was as simple as I had expected. We invited our relatives from the first degree and some of the relatives from the second degree, and gradually many of [our] neighbors and acquaintances found out about our marriage.
That night, I wore a white dress which I had borrowed from my brother's wife and Abbas wore a regular shirt and pants.
After the contract, Abbas took his parents home and then returned to our house. The next morning we went to Dar Al-Salam which is the Kashan graveyard of martyrs. He knew a lot about martyrs and mentioned [stories] of them. I had heard a lot about the war and the brothers in the battles, but Abbas's words were something else and seemed new. Basically, everything in my life changed from the moment of the marriage contract, and [took on a new light]. In those few hours, my heart filled with all the love which a woman could feel toward her husband.

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