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Pilgrimage: The Great Opportunity
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Pilgrimage: The Great Opportunity

Pilgrimage: The Great Opportunity
Imam Khomeini

In truth, the happy and blessed Eid is the day in which Muslims awaken from their slumber, and the scholars of Islam throughout the world fulfill their duties in saving the Muslims of the world from the domination of the oppressors and the plunderers of the resources and wealth of different countries. This great goal can only be achieved when they present Islamic laws –in all their different aspects- to oppressed nations and make them acquainted with True Islam, [and when] they seize the opportunity of this fateful matter and don’t neglect it. What opportunity is more important and sublime than the great gathering of Pilgrimage which the Creator- Glorified and Sublime be he- has provided for Muslims?!

I [want] to remind the brothers and sisters of a few remarks [concerning Hajj] –even if they are repeated- and I request from them to pay attention to [these remarks] with care.

First: The Mystical Levels of Pilgrimage
The spiritual levels of pilgrimage are the wealth of the Immortal Life, and bring a person close to the horizon of monotheism and exaltation. They can only be acquired through applying the worship laws of Hajj in the correct and proper manner. The political and social aspect of Pilgrimage can't be achieved without fulfillment of its spiritual and divine aspect...

Second: Be wary of the enemies
It might be possible that some deviant individuals and enemies of Islam and the Revolution might participate in this journey and join the ranks of the respected pilgrims and perform actions which are contradictory to ethics and Islamic teachings. Some religious [individuals] might be deceived by them and follow their actions thinking that they are fulfilling their revolutionary obligation through that.

Third: The Main Enemy of Islam
Muslims from any sect who are participating in the noble sites should know well that the main enemy of Islam, the Holy Quran, and the Great Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household) is the big powers especially America and its illegitimate offspring Israel.

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