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Waiting for Abbas 8: The New House

Waiting for Abbas 8: The New House

A few days before the preliminary operations of "Wal Fajr" and during the short leave when Abbas came to Kashan, we packed our things and departed. My young brother Mohsen came with us as well, because he was one of the [fighters on] the front and had a close relationship with Abbas.
We arrived at midnight to [the city of] Shush and we kept moving until we reached an area inhabited by the families of revolutionary guards. I had previously asked myself repeatedly how the city would be. Abbas had told me that there were other women as well, and I had thought that they were active groups of women who always held meetings of amicability, studying, research, and such matters. I didn’t find any of the matters which I had thought of at all. [The women] were scattered here and there and the houses were far from one another.
We arrived at night, [but] I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had first seen the region in broad daylight! The houses were destroyed and distant from one another. Only a few remained fit for living, and even these had not escaped destruction. Abbas took me to one of these houses and said: "The enemies have ruined this region as much as they could."
The house had no electric light. I said: "What can we do in the darkness?
Abbas said: "Wait a bit, and it will be fixed."
He went and brought an electric light from the opposite house. I found out later that it was the home of Mr. Abadian. He attached the bulb and turned it on. The floor of the room was full of dirt and little stones. All in all, the house was comprised of two rooms, an entry one meter and a half [long], and a kitchen the same size. The bathroom and toilet were outside the house, but adjoining to it. My religious beliefs and love for Abbas aided me in adapting quickly to these conditions.
We swept one of the rooms in a way so that we could spread out a blanket in it, and my brother Mohsen prepared a place to sleep in the other room.
We slept that night, and in the early morning Abbas said: "Do you want anything?"
I said: "Where to?"
He said: "I have to go to the front."
I wanted to object, but I quickly managed to control myself. I said: "Go in God's protection."
And he left.
My first morning there was unforgettable. I had breakfast at Mrs. Abadian's [house], and we opened the door of friendship wide. Because of her affectionate treatment, we liked one another from the first instant.
Afterward, I cleaned the house with the aid of my brother Mohsen and we arranged the things.
After three days, Abbas returned. When I opened the door, he didn’t enter [and] his head was bowed.
I said: "Why don’t you enter?"
He said: "I feel shy [in front of you]."
I [wished] to tease him a bit, so I said: "How can I forgive you?"
He said: "On that day, I wanted to return swiftly but I couldn’t, and now I feel shy about entering."
We remained for two years in Shush until he was martyred. During that time, he always felt shy and considered himself to be indebted to me. I tried not to take [those] words seriously [and] I said to him: "You're not indebted to me, but I'm the one indebted to you."
In the long periods of his absence, I used to easily entertain myself and I was certain that [Abbas] assigned all of his free time for me.

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