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Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's Speech on the Tenth of Muharram

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's Speech on the Tenth of Muharram
(Part One)

Wednesday, 12 October, 2016

Brothers and Sisters, I thank [you for your] large and blessed attendance on this great day which expresses your loyalty, commitment, affection, and your constant readiness to sacrifice. You are the people of loyalty, honesty, and sacrifice.

At the forefront of those who have [come] today in Lebanon to offer condolences to Saheb-e Zaman and [the bereaved] are the families of our martyrs: the fathers, mothers, wives, sons, and daughters of the martyrs –the martyrs of resistance and the martyrs of defending [our] existence, dignity, and sacred things...

At the forefront of the offerers of condolence are:

The wounded who have walked on the path of Abbas, [and] lost their hands or legs or eyes but didn’t stop…

The fighters who fill the fronts, arenas, and battlefields and have not stayed behind…

The honorable families in all our cities, towns, and villages which liberally granted their sons and dear ones to these fronts in order to protect [this] country, dignity, sovereignty, and honor.

To you, the true offerers of condolence, [is due] the complete solace, complete reward, and complete thanks for your honesty, presence, and steadfastness.

Brothers and Sisters:
At the beginning, we should turn to the spirits of the martyrs who were martyred yesterday in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and in various areas in Iraq and in Baghdad. The extremists killed them just because they were in the position of offering condolence to the Greatest Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his Household). We ask Allah [to grant] mercy and high ranks to the martyrs of loyalty to Hussein, and we ask Allah [to grant] swift recovery to all the wounded. These processions have not been stopped by any explosion and won't be stopped by murder, wound[s], or assaults. It has always been like this throughout history, and it will remain so in the future until Judgment Day. Of course, this year records a great degree of decline in the size of explosions and assaults [targeting] the Husseini processions in comparison to the previous years, and this is thanks to the struggle of the fighters and [their] victories in all the battlefields. This is the cause of defeat of many of these extremist groups and [the reason for their] inability to cause great harm even though they are very determined to [do so].

Part One: Yemen
We said that the main title in our procession today in the Southern Suburb of Beirut, and our Ashoura processions in areas [from] Tyre to Baalbak to Hermel to the Western Beqaa to Bint Jbeil [and] other regions is the announcement of [our] solidarity with the struggling, oppressed, steadfast, patient, and courageous Yemeni nation and with its leadership, army, self organized watch civilian groups. Today, I want to add [something] to what I said yesterday. It seems to the observer that the Saudi war on Yemen [which] is Saudily imposed upon the Yemeni nation is not anymore–or doesn’t seem to be- waged on the basis of achieving political goals. Rather, it has become a battle which indicates the level of hatred, spite, and revenge which the Saudi regime is carrying out against Yemen…this form of murder where humans and rocks, children, adults, the young and the elderly are crushed, and everything is targeted in Yemen. This is not a war for [achieving] political goals. This is a war of hatred- Wahhabi Saudi hatred. This is a war of spite. [A] war which wants to take revenge on the will of the Yemenis.

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