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Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's Speech on the 10th of Muharram

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's Speech on the 10th of Muharram
Part Two

Wednesday 12 October, 2016

Saudi Arabia always considered Yemen to be a province subject to the kingdom, and that its people should be compliant and submissive to the will of the kingdom. The Saudi family is taking revenge on the Yemeni people [for] this: That the people of Yemen [have stepped] out in order to express their will and their demand for independence, sovereignty, freedom, free choice, and the strong, mighty, and great Yemen which was famous historically for [having] knowledge and civilization when Najd was submerged in the desert.

This is the horizon and background of this war. In Yemen today just like in Karbala: the scene of tragedy, victims, the dismembered bodies of children, women, and men in the major hall of Sanaa, and in all the cities, villages, and neighborhoods of Yemen. There is a scene of sorrows, pains, and tears, but [just] like Karbala there is also the scene of enthusiasm, courage, chivalry, heroism, steadfastness, and endurance in the face of the Saudi-American killing machine which is allied with other demons.

This Yemen did not submit to this war nor did it collapse in front of it. I tell you today in these few minutes: What I know about Yemen and the people of Yemen through direct friendships and through field information (when I speak about victory I am not speaking [based on] enthusiasm or slogans but [based on] facts)- listen to me well and let the world that watches some satellite channels which are known for lying, let the world hear- that in Yemen there are hundreds of thousands of courageous, patient, and steadfast fighters who do not fear mountains nor deserts. They have fought for more than a year and a half and they are still fighting. Through their courage, insight, faith, and defense of their honor, people, and honor they have [achieved] victories and will [achieve] victory. As Imam Khamenei said: "In this war, the nose of the [Saudis] will be rubbed in the mud". I tell you: The Leader said this at the beginning of the war, and I tell you that now on the Saudi borders in the positions, mountains, and hills where their soldiers are fleeing, the Yemeni fighters have rubbed the nose of the [Saudis] in the mud of Saudi Arabia.

From afar and from the position of our common faith and similar experience, we say to our brothers: Put your trust in Allah and rely on [Him]. Lend your heads to Allah and [place] your feet firmly on the ground. Allah will not leave you nor abandon you. He will grant you victory over these cruel despots.

On the day of Ashoura of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) we can't but turn to the Yemeni people and express our condolence for the martyrs, we offer our consolation for them and ask mercy and high rank[s] for them. For the wounded, we pray for their swift recovery…

Our first Qiblah and our sacred land…Every day it becomes more certain that the choice of its people is the correct one: The uprising of Jerusalem, jihad, resistance, and confrontation of the occupiers.

Many have bet that in the beginning of its second year, the Jerusalem uprising will fail, end, and dissolve. However, the last few days have proven that this uprising is present in the depth, sentiment, minds, and hearts of the male and female youth of Palestine and the men and women of Palestine.

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