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Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth

Supreme Leader's Meeting with Outstanding Youth
October 19, 2016

The meeting was held on the occasion of the 10th Elite Youth Conference held in Tehran on October 18 and 19.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master Muhammad and upon his immaculate household
The dear youth sometimes write certain things – like the pieces of papers that they show or the tiny things that they write on the palm of their hands. I thank them very much, but unfortunately, I cannot see them. I really cannot read them right now. It will be very good if you give me the things that you have raised so that I take a look at them up close. But I cannot figure out what you have written from a distance.

These are important days. These are Muharram days. Muharram is not only confined to the ten days culminating on Ashura. A great event in history has occurred in the days of Muharram which never comes to an end. The reason why it does not come to an end is not that similar events to Ashura will continue to exist in history. Of course, this is correct in its own right – this is a different discussion – but the event of Ashura itself is like a sun which does not set. Sometimes, a great event occurs. It occurs one day and it comes to an end the following day. Such events are not like Ashura.

This event is like a sun that never sets. It has existed until today and it will continue to exist from now on too. It is a living and real image and reflection of the struggle between light and dark, between truth and evil, and between honor, and degradation and despicability. Of course, the peak of it occurred on the day of Ashura, but the prerequisites for that were provided on the early days of Muharram before the day of Ashura. After the day of Ashura– on days like this – the event of Ashura was completed with the leadership of Zaynab al-Kubra and Imam Sajjad (greetings be upon them).

Therefore, these days are very important days. I have found the opportunity and the blessing – I really consider this to be an opportunity and a blessing – to meet with you dear youth on these days. For me, this is an exceptional opportunity and I consider this as a good sign.

Well, I am very pleased to meet you dear outstanding youth. The comments that we hear and we make throughout the year about the issues discussed in this meeting are continuously repeated in the country. I listen to and I read similar comments to the ones discussed by the dear youth in this meeting in the various reports that I receive throughout the year and if I can do something about it, I certainly do it. And the statements that I am going to make are statements that I make in different meetings throughout the year, whether in meeting with academic personalities or other personalities in various other meetings. However, the essence of this meeting and this gathering is a very beautiful and pleasant thing for me. Our outstanding youth – I will say a few things in describing you youth – have gathered here and we are speaking to them.

First of all, outstanding personalities and youth – particularly, outstanding youth – are valuable divine gifts for a people and a country. Not all countries have such gifts in such a size, with such extensiveness and in such large numbers. One of the characteristics of our country is that there are numerous human talents with good quality and quantity. This is one of the unique characteristics of our country. This is a divine gift, a very valuable and precious one.

The result is that the officials of the country should appreciate the value of these trusts and they should preserve them. This is because these gifts are a trust in officials’ hands– officials ranging from the Elite Foundation and Dr. Sattari and the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution to Ministry of Science, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and other government organizations that are in contact with manpower and the youth force of the country. These gifts are a trust in their hands. Your precious trust should be attended to in a very careful way so that you can preserve it. And when that trust is able to grow and to duplicate, you should have a great sense of responsibility for growing and duplicating it.

On the other hand, humans are creatures with free will. God has allowed humans to do this or that of their own volition. The requirement for free will is responsibility. If we do not have the power to make decisions in a task, we do not have any responsibility. When we have free will, we are naturally responsible. Allah the Exalted has created you outstanding personalities with free will. You can choose to use this gift and this blessing that God has given you – which is having good and outstanding talent – and not to use it. You can use it on the correct path and you can use it on the wrong path. Both are possible. Therefore, you are responsible as well.

So, having a responsibility is not only confined to trust holders. The main and the first trust holder is you. You have a responsibility as well. The first and the greatest responsibility is thanking Allah the Exalted for bestowing on you the blessing of having talent. What does “thanking” mean? It means that first you should know that this is a blessing and second, you should know that it comes from God and that you have a responsibility towards it. That responsibility is using that blessing in the right place. These are the pillars which form thanking God. This is thanking God. Thanking God is not confined to words, rather it is a combination of all these things that we spoke about.

I will tell you this: why do we attach so much significance to youth, to knowledge, to outstanding personalities and to outstanding talents? Why do we become pleased to meet them? Why do we make time for them – you should know that we really make time for them – and why do we make so much time for diligence and the like? Why do we do these things?

We do this because we have a bitter history in this regard. For a long time, they injected into us the gene of incapability, the gene of “we cannot” and the gene of dependence on others. In a long era – the era from Qajar to Pahlavi – that inner feeling of lack of capability and lack of power was generated in our people – these talented people. And they institutionalized that feeling into us, into Iranian society. We have this history.

The result was that the identity of us as a nation, was defined under the category of the west. There are many points to raise in this regard – historical, social and analytical points – but this is not the time and the place to discuss such matters, nor have we gathered here for this reason. Westerners and Europeans adopted such an outlook towards other nations because of the science that they achieved sooner than others and because they managed to pull themselves up. One of the nations towards whom they adopted such an outlook was our nation. They humiliated nations with rich and deep cultures and with brilliant histories in a way that they were defined under the category of the west.

I have spoken about the phrase “the Middle East” once, twice in my public speeches [Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on August 12, 2012, in meeting with university professors]. This West Asian region – which is the owner, the birthplace and the creator of the greatest and most ancient human civilizations and which has given rise to many ancient human races – and Asia, with such magnificence, have been divided into three parts. It has turned into three easts: one is the Far East. But far from where, from Europe! Another is the Middle East – the “middle” means not far and not near. Not far from and not near to which place? From Europe. And the third one is the Near East. Near to where? To Europe!

Notice that this culture and this literature have many interpretations, one being that the entire human history is defined under the category of the west. All these civilizations, races and cultures, all the sciences that have been produced in West Asia, India, China, Iran, Mesopotamia, ancient Babylonia and the like: all in different ways – and all those ancient civilizations have turned into regions whose naming has been determined according to their distance from Europe. And they have continued to refer to our region as “the Middle East” until today. Our region is “the Middle East”.

There is another region which is referred to as “the Far East”. Why is it far? It is because it is far from Europe. Notice that westerners have defined Asia like this. Western nations are like a person who has risen from rags to riches and who becomes arrogant afterwards. They became wealthy, but this wealth was not financial wealth, rather it was scientific wealth. After all, knowledge is transferred to everyone. Something happened and they achieved science. And after that, they constantly improved it and they piled it up. And this way, they managed to improve. As soon as they improved, they looked down on the entire humanity – even on those nations from whom they had received that science. Our country was one of those countries. Unfortunately in our country, our rulers and politicians helped create this humiliating situation. Both Qajar and Pahlavi – both the father and the son – defined us under their category. This was a very dangerous, big and important thing.

When a country is defined under the category of another power, all its resources actually belong to that power, whether it likes it or not. He comes and uses its resources, its oil, its supplies, and its geographical and strategic location. In world wars, global powers fought against each other and it had nothing to do with us. However, because Russia in one part of our country and England in another part of our country had certain resources and bases, they turned Iran into a tool for moving weapons from one place to another and they did so of their own volition and without asking for anyone’s permission.

The Trans-Iranian Railway – it was referred to as “Trans-Iranian”, but it did not cover the entire country – was built to serve the goals of westerners. From one side, it was linked to the Persian Gulf and from another side, it was linked to the north which belonged to Soviet Union. England and the Soviet Union should have been connected to each other – there are many things to say about these events – so that they could possess the resources and the market of the country. A country sat idle so that they would come and take away its copper, its iron, its various resources, its oil and its gas at a cheap price. And they sent whatever they built to our country because those products should have been sold anyway and they should have given those countries a yield. And they turned our country into a profitable market for their products without any tariffs, any customs and any obstacle and barrier. This is what happened in pre-revolutionary Iran.

The Revolution brought about a transformation. The Islamic Revolution brought about a great transformation. I would like to put it this way: during the Revolution, self-belief and self-confidence waged a war against dependence and God helped. War is a bitter thing. The eight-year war was really bitter and damaging and it put us through a lot of trouble. I was present in the middle of the arena. It was very bitter, it was very difficult, and it was very tragic. It used to bring tears to our eyes many times and it used to make us very tired, but despite all those difficulties, it had this great advantage that it showed the Iranian youth that they are powerful, that “they can” and they have the power to overcome their rival and opponent if they wish so and if they enter the arena.

And we really managed to overcome them. The Iranian youth entered the arena of war. If it had not been for the war, this event would not have taken place in such a manner. War is like a fire that breaks out somewhere. When there is a fire, everyone leaves aside other tasks and they go to put it out. At that time, everyone’ attention switched to the war. Talents began to show themselves and it was proven that the Iranian youth have power. This presence in the war, the presence of youth, and our victory over the enemy – not an enemy who is comprised of a single country, rather an enemy who is backed up by all powers in the world – resulted in self-belief. So, the Revolution led to the rise and resistance of self-belief against the former spirit of dependence and bankruptcy. This is what happened.

Well, there is one point here that should not be ignored. Unlike military wars, in deep wars, which are referred to as soft wars today – for example, cultural wars are among deep wars – short-term results are not determining. Such wars last long. In a military war, one side finally defeats the other side. It overcomes the other side and the issue will come to an end. During eight years of resistance, we managed to throw out the Saddami transgressing force and the issue ended. However, this is not the case in a soft war, in a deep war and in a cultural war. You achieve victory in one phase, but this does not mean an eternal victory. You should expect the other side to prepare, to collect itself and to attack again. And this happened.

The same malady of dependence was reproduced in the country in different forms. This is because the enemies have some agents. Well, this is not a deniable thing. Our people are a great people. They are a good people, but inside our nation – just like other nations – there are some west-worshipping, some weak-willed, materialistic and gullible individuals. Such individuals began to reproduce the same culture of dependence, but with a sophisticated, colored and molded discourse that is packed with different names and descriptions such as “becoming global” and “entering the global family”.

Today, these are the words of advice that westerners and the Americans offer to us in meetings: Iran “should join the global family”, it should “be part of the global family” and it should “become international”. What they mean is dependence. This is the same as dependence and you should not misunderstand their purpose. I do not have any objections to relations with others. I was president, once. Since that time, one of the most fundamental tasks that I have carried out in the area of foreign policy was the issue of establishing relations, whether bilateral relations with all countries – including Europe and others and others, except one, two exceptions – or relations in the form of collective gatherings and meetings. But these are two different matters. “Becoming global” has a different meaning in their eyes.

From their perspective, becoming global means giving in to the culture that has been imposed on the economy, politics and security of the world by a few big powers. It means giving in to this policy, and casting oneself in this mold. This is the meaning of becoming global from their point of view. When they say that we should become global and when they say that we should enter the global family, it means this. This is the same as dependence without any difference!

What makes the adoption of an outlook towards outstanding personalities necessary for all officials – as a responsibility, as an unavoidable wajib – is a great goal. There is one great goal here. According to this goal, our outlook towards outstanding personalities should be a serious, practical, sympathetic and persistent one. What is that goal? That goal is turning Iran into an advanced, powerful and honorable – honorable versus depraved and mean, which holds true in the case of some powers – country with new ideas in the area of human and international issues. Iran should become a country which has new ideas in the area of human issues and issues related to human life. It should present new ideas.

This is because humanity is not in a good condition. Today, which thinker in the world is satisfied with the condition of humanity? And the east and the west are not different from each other in this regard. You should take a look at the statements that intellectuals throughout the world make. All of them are nagging and complaining about the grief-stricken life of humans in the present time. Well, certain ideas and thoughts are necessary. A path should be opened in this dead end. Islamic Iran should have these new ideas.

And our country should be esteemed as well. Another task is turning the country into a country that has esteem and that feels esteemed. Sometimes you are dear and valuable, but you do not have a feeling of esteem. One of the matters that I have been seriously following in the recent years is that we should have a feeling of esteem. We should feel the esteem that Allah the Exalted has given us. We should feel esteemed. The feeling of esteem in itself is one of the elements that forms real esteem.

And our country should be imbued with spirituality and faith. We said that it should be advanced, powerful and the like, but there should be spirituality and faith alongside these characteristics. The great malady of today’s powerful world is that in those places where power exists, faith does not exist. Take a look at the condition of U.S. presidential elections. They have narrowed it down to two individuals. Look at their debates. Notice what they are doing and saying to one another. One of these two individuals will become president. In which place? In a large, densely populated and rich country that is the peak of human science. One of these two individuals will become the president of this country. It has the largest number of atomic weapons and the most wealth at its disposal. And it also has the biggest media in the world in its fist. The head of this country will be one of these two individuals and you can see what and who they are. This is because of lack of spirituality. This is because of lack of faith.

Our country should raise the flag of the new Islamic civilization. We want such a country. This is the goal. Notice that I referred to nine criteria. We want to turn the country into a country with such characteristics. Of course, our country has not had a bad performance on this path. We have made some achievements, but these are all half measures. We should move forward and reach peaks. And this is not possible without a young and outstanding generation. There should be a generation that achieves this goal. No one can have doubts about the necessity of this goal. No one can have doubts that we are responsible to help the country reach this point as humans, as responsible individuals, as Muslims and as Iranians – in the case of those who do not believe in Islam, they are Iranians anyway and being an Iranian entrusts one with certain responsibilities.

What is the way to do so? The way to do so is to educate a generation with characteristics like the following: a generation should appear that is courageous, educated, pious, innovative, pioneering, self-confident and zealous. Of course, many of these characteristics already exist in today’s young generation, but they should increase. So, we need such a generation. This generation should have faith, it should be educated, it should have zeal, courage, and self-belief, it should have enough motivation and physical and intellectual power in order to move forward, it should keep its goal within sight, it should pay attention to long-term goals and as the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) said – “Lend to Allah your head” [Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 11]- it should dedicate its life and its existence to this goal and it should move in a serious way. To put it briefly, it should be a revolutionary entity. This is the meaning of being revolutionary.

Some people define “revolutionary” in a bad way out of their enmity. They define “revolutionary” as illiterate, careless, and disorderly. But this is not the case. It is the exact opposite of this. “Revolutionary” means educated, orderly, pious, dynamic, wise and intelligent. We need such a generation. This generation is our young generation. The main capital for this movement is this generation and its engine is outstanding youth. Outstanding personalities are like this. You serve as the engine of this movement. If you work well, this young generation will move in the same direction that I spoke about. These are the reasons why I attach so much significance to outstanding youth and why I appreciate their value so much. Outstanding personalities are valuable.
Well, this movement has begun. By understanding this issue – that is to say, by understanding that the country needs such a system and movement – I have brought up the issue of the scientific revolution, the software movement and the great scientific movement since 15 years ago or sometime before that. Well, scientists, youth, university professors, universities and many of the divisions in the different administrations that have held office welcomed this movement and thus, it went ahead. However, this movement is not like movement on an asphalt road. It is not like movement on a freeway. This movement is one that is faced with certain obstacles. These obstacles should be identified and cured.

This movement has an enemy. Who is the enemy? Now, some people will say, “It is clear. As soon as he mentions the word ‘the enemy’, it is clear that he means America, the Zionists and the like. He has a conspiracy illusion.” But this is not a conspiracy illusion, rather it is seeing and having full knowledge of conspiracy. When I see conspiracy and when I am witness to it, I cannot hide it from you. So, I should discuss it with you. As soon as I speak about the enemy, some people say, “How many times he speaks about the enemy!” Well, should we not speak about the enemy? In the Holy Quran, God has mentioned Satan’s name so many times. Well, from that perspective, if He once mentions Satan’s name, it will do and it should be over. But why does He repeat his name so many times? The reason is that we do not forget this enemy. The enemy should be kept within our sight in a continuous manner. This is because he does not sit idle. He is constantly advancing.

If they can, they will stop this scientific movement. If they see that they cannot stop it, they will divert it. We might help this diversion out of our naivety. The reason why I have repeated many times [for example Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on November 11, 2015 in a meeting with heads of universities, research centers and science and technology parks] – some of our dear youth in the meeting pointed this out as well – that research works, articles, theses and the like should be at the service of the country’s needs and that they should be produced with this goal, with this intention and with this orientation is to prevent the scientific movement from being diverted.

If they cannot stop or divert it, they will try to damage and stain its reputation. Someone comes to our country as a guest scientist and then goes to the street where a university is located and takes photos of signboards which are related to theses sale and then he publishes them in the world. This is staining and corrupting the scientific movement. Who invites such individuals to Iran? Are they scientists? Why do we not understand this? Why do we make such mistakes?

In recent years, the youth of the country and the officials in charge of such tasks have managed to do something to help the rate of the scientific growth of the country set a record in the well-known databases in the world. When I said that the rate of the scientific progress of the country in such and such a year was 13 times faster than the global average, this was not what I said because I do not have access to such information. It was well-known databases in the world – which you are familiar with – that said and testified to this. Is it a minor achievement to see that the rate of the movement of our country is 13 times faster than the global average?

I say that you should not allow this rate to go down. The reason is that we are behind to a great extent. Our rate of progress should increase so rapidly that we can reach the front lines. I have said this many times. Now, the honorable officials of the country explain to me that our scientific rank has not gone down. But what is supposed to go down? It was supposed to go up in a speedy manner! This is the problem. We should not allow this scientific movement to be damaged.

This scientific movement has certain enemies. If this scientific movement becomes subject to enmities and if we do not notice and protect it, this will produce a very heavy and bitter result. Do you know what that result is? That result is the generation of hopelessness in the young forces of the country. If this feeling of hopelessness is generated, then fixing and stitching it up will not be very easy. A feeling of hope has emerged in the young, scholarly and studious society of the country in recent years. Well, it is many years now that I have been meeting with youth in this place. They come and speak and when I make a comparison, I see that the discussions that they held today have dramatically changed compared to the ones that I listened to a few years ago. Our youth have grown, they have moved forward, they have become experienced and deep and the scope of their outlook has widened. These things are very precious. So, if these youth become disappointed and hopeless, it will not be very easy to help them go back to prior condition.

Well, when some people become disappointed with their country, they go to other countries. And there are many traps laid out there for them. I will tell you that we have meetings and exhibitions for displaying our scientific achievements and the like. This is a very good issue. However, you should take care not to allow this to become a center for introducing our talents to foreigners. You introduce them and they will identify and take them away. This should not be the case. Before they identify them, our own organizations should do so. Of course, they cannot be concealed behind curtains. They will finally show themselves, but our own organizations should identify them before others do so. They should attract them and give them jobs.

There is no youth who does not prefer his own living environment and family to a feeling of loneliness in a foreign country. Of course, they will give them certain advantages in return for this feeling. However, you can give them things worth less than those advantages in order to employ them for their country and for yourselves. I will tell you that in defending outstanding personalities and the scientific movement of the country, I will not show the slightest idleness as long as I breathe! And I know that this movement is a blessed movement and that by Allah’s favor, it will have a good fate. I hope that we will move forward, God willing. Now, I would like to raise a few points:

One of the things that can really move the cycle of science, technology and support for outstanding personalities in the country is knowledge-based companies which Dr. Sattari and some other friends in the meeting referred to. These companies have fortunately increased in number. My first advice is that this increase in their number should continue. Second, as one of the dear youth in the meeting pointed out, such companies should be established in the important and main areas of the country and the country’s industry. These companies should link with those areas whose significance has been specified in general policies. Third, the quality of these companies should receive attention as well. Of course, it is good and important to have many of these companies, but you should pay attention that you must define certain criteria and standards for quality and for priorities and then on the basis of these criteria, you should react to these knowledge-based companies.

If such companies are developed, if they have a high quality and if they work, we will undoubtedly not have any problems in giving governmental funds to outstanding personalities. This is because these companies will help outstanding personalities in a way that they will no longer need governmental funds. One day, the administration says, “I do have money to help” and one day, it says, “I do not have any money to help.” This is one point which is very important.

One of the tasks that can promote knowledge-based companies is advertising their products. I have said many things about the issue of imports and about importing those products whose counterparts are produced inside the country and other such issues. And they are carrying out certain tasks, but I want to emphasize that those products which are manufactured by our knowledge-based companies should be promoted. One of the main ways to promote them is to avoid using, consuming and purchasing any product other than the products of such companies. What I am saying is that these companies should be benefitted from because the administration itself is the greatest consumer. The most important consumer is the administration.
Another point is about the formation of elite nuclei inside universities. I have recommended before that sometimes inside universities, one, two professors gather a group of youth, thus forming an elite nucleus. This can be duplicated and developed because it is a very blessed thing. However, no report has been delivered to me saying that such a thing has occurred before. Last year, I said this once, twice in different meetings [including Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on October 14, 2015 in meeting with outstanding youth and heads of knowledge-based companies]. This should happen, but this does not fall on the administration and the like. This is the duty of academic groups themselves.

Another point is that I am concerned about the issue of SAMPAD [the national organization for the development of exceptional talents]. The honorable Minister of Education is not present in the meeting, but this should be delivered to him. The reports that I receive are not satisfactory reports. The issue of SAMPAD is very important. This is a very important task. It was pointed out in the meeting that a large number of schools have been founded on the basis of this project, but this depends on the good performance and management of this organization. The reports that I receive in this regard are not satisfactory reports.

Another concern that I have – I discussed this in brief with Mr. Sattari – is about the Elite Foundation itself. The Elite Foundation is very important. It is necessary for this foundation to be lively and dynamic. Of course, I really trust Dr. Sattari. I really trust his intellectual and scientific capabilities and his sincerity. Mr. Sattari, if you really see that the scientific deputy and the Elite Foundation do not get along with each other – that is to say, if the responsibilities of the Elite Foundation are not compatible with the extensive activities of the scientific deputy – you should think of something to resolve this matter.

You should either separate them from each other or at least appoint a strong manager for the Elite Foundation within the framework of the scientific deputy. You should not entrust the Elite Foundation to universities. If universities had been good for this task and if they could carry out this duty, we would not have formed the Elite Foundation at all.

Another point is that I receive reports showing that some of the major projects on important research matters – such as aerospace, satellite and the like – are either idle or half-finished. This makes me concerned. I want to say in this meeting that this should become a public request. I seriously ask the officials in charge to attend to these matters. These projects are very important projects. Even some research projects related to nuclear energy are in the same condition. Such projects should not stop in any way! They should not be closed or half-closed. They say that some of them are half-closed and some are on the verge of being closed down. In my opinion, the scientific deputy can play its part in this area as well. This is very important. These are scientific losses and damages for us.

Moreover, when young scientists – who are working in a hopeful way in the area of the nuclear energy, aerospace, nanotechnology and biotechnology – see that such areas are ignored and closed down, they become hopeless. I have said before that the despair and hopelessness of our youth is a very grave danger. I have written down that these projects should either be given to the scientific deputy or at least they should be supervised by it in a very serious manner. Talents should be attracted to such areas.

Another point that I would like to raise is that they have fortunately established a cultural deputy inside the scientific deputy. This is a good task, but they should try to help this cultural activity to have an advanced level. Fortunately today, the level of religious thoughts among the youth of the country has improved. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the organizations who managed mourning groups during Ashura days, some of which I was informed about and reported on. The level of mourning groups has gone up to a great extent. They have very good speakers and they present very good points.

I even asked some of those individuals who went to these occasions about the issues discussed in mourning groups – well, this is among my duties because I am an expert on such matters – and I saw that they are really good. Their level was very good, they presented good discussions and good thoughts and there were a large number of youth present. We too held such ceremonies here. Perhaps, 90 percent – or even more – of the participants were comprised of youth. Good discussions were held here. In some places, such ten-day occasions – in some cases, 10, 15 nights or 10, 15 days – had very good speakers and they sometimes performed very good and meaningful nohas. These are very valuable. The level of youth’s thinking in the area of religious matters has gone up. Cultural work too should grow with the same ratio.

One of the things that can be very beneficial is organizing jihadi camps for outstanding personalities. These jihadi camps are very valuable phenomena. First of all, the presence of outstanding youth in such places will familiarize you with the conditions of your country, with people from different social backgrounds, with the difficult responsibilities that fall on all of us and with our insufficient work in the course of the years after the Revolution – we did not really work enough on some areas. Such jihadi camps move us ahead. Blood will flow in our veins with presence in such places.

I will summarize my statements. I will only say a few things at the end of my statements: we want a society and a country to rise in the scientific environment of the world which can save the world from the ignorance and deviation that is suffering from. Dear youth, this is possible! If you can make your country advanced in terms of science, self-confidence, innovation and diligence in this world which is full of ignorance and deviation, a country will emerge that is at an advanced level on the basis of criteria which are accepted by the whole world – the criteria of science, technological progress, wealth, welfare and human values.

Besides, this country benefits from spirituality, honorability, attention to God, faith and trust in God. If this happens, it will be the most efficient and influential factor in attracting the people’s faith and hearts. You can save humanity. If we go and sit beside individuals to explain things for each and every one of them with the purpose of attracting their minds to faith in God and in Islam, the effect of this compared to this movement will be like the difference between decimals such as one hundredth, one thousandth and one millionth, and a whole number. The difference is like a drop of water compared to a sea. We want such an incident to occur. The people in the world– humanity– should be liberated from this deviation and ignorance. It is you who can do this.

Today, the satanic apparatuses and powers of the world are pushing people into this quagmire of ignorance and deviation on a daily basis and they confront everything that is opposed to their satanic movement. Now, the American gentlemen who meet with our officials complain about this humble person’s pessimism about them. Well, should I be optimistic? With the condition that you are in, can one be optimistic about you? A few days ago, when there was talk of sanctions against Iran, one of their “excellencies” said in a program that was broadcast on our television as well, that as long as the Islamic Republic of Iran advocates and helps the resistance in the region, it will not be clear whether sanctions will be lifted or not.

Notice that this is the same thing that I used to say time and time again. I said this to officials both in private and in public meetings! I said to them, “Do you think that your issue with America will be over once you retreat on the issue of the nuclear issue?” Certainly not! Even if we do that, the issue of missiles comes up. They will say to us, “Why do you have missiles?” If they become disappointed with the issue of missiles, the issue of the resistance will come up. Again, they will say, “Why do you support Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestine?” If you resolve this matter and if you retreat again, another issue will come up.

For example, the issue of human rights will come up. If you resolve the issue of human rights as well and if you say that you will act according to their standards on the issue of human rights, the issue of religion’s interference in the affairs of the government comes up. Do you think that they will leave you alone? They cannot tolerate the presence of a system in a country with such expansion, population and resources because they are exceptional resources.

I will tell you that the vastness of our country, our population, our human resources and our underground resources are among the most prominent ones in the world. I do not want to boast. In the declaration that the Europeans published recently – we had access to it as well – when it comes to establishing relations with Iran and when it comes to analyzing our country, all the things that I said about the resources of the country – and I only referred to a small fraction of these resources – have been mentioned there. This declaration says that Iran is such and such a country with such and such resources, market, people, talents, underground resources, and extraordinary strategic location. This is what others are saying!

Well, it is difficult for them to see that a country with such characteristics and with such significance stands up to their bullying. It is intolerable for them to be witness to the formation of an Islamic and religious government which is based on faith and on Islamic principles and thoughts. That is why they show enmity and oppose and confront us. Our youth and our outstanding personalities should know this. I am not saying that you should constantly chant the slogan of “death to such and such a person”, “may such and such a person live long” and “may such and such a person die.” I am not saying this. I do not expect any of our youth to do so – of course, I expect them to do this in the right place – but you should be familiar with the political issues of the region and the county and you should be able to analyze them.

Therefore, I ask Allah the Exalted to bestow success on you and to preserve you for the country. You are the children of the people of Iran and you are the apple of their eye. I hope that God will preserve you for these people and that He guides all of you towards everything that He likes, God willing.
Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings

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