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The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition

The Role of Time in Knowledge Acquisition
The 8 T's
Sayyed Kamal Husseini

A lecture given to seminary students

To know the importance of life, it is enough to consider the narrations in this domain. We are responsible for every moment in our lives, especially the time of youth and the time of chances.

The question is: What should we do in order to take advantage of our lives in the best way possible, and to cancel anything which is called a "holiday" in our lives.

In order to accomplish success in our studies we should adhere to 8 matters which start with the letter T:

1) The T of "Tahsil" Knowledge Acquisition:
Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. In Islam, we have no such thing as finishing knowledge. There is no ending the pursuit of knowledge and there is no "graduation".

2) The T of "Tadris" Teaching:
A student should become a teacher. One scholar once met Martyr Murtada Mutahari and he said to him proudly: "I have [attended] for twenty years [the lessons] of Imam Khomeini and Sayyed Barujardi". Martyr Mutahari said to him: "When did you find time for teaching?"
I wish that from now you will decide to make room for teaching in your life.

3) The T of "Tahkik" Research:
You won't be successful students and teachers if you are not researchers.

4) The T of "Ta'lif" Writing:
There are many figures who were truly scholars but when they passed away, their knowledge went with them. On the other hand, there were scholars who resorted to papers and thus were immortalized in history (such as Martyr Mutahari, Imam Khomeini, Akhond Khorasani, and Sayyed Tabtaba'i)
Never fear entering the sphere of writing. With time your skills will be refined.

5) The T of "Tabligh" Preaching:
"I am a mubaligh" Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his Household)
He took pride in preaching
In some occasions you have holidays. A student should take advantage of these holidays in order to spread the knowledge he has learned. Whoever revives a soul is as if he has revived the entire humanity.
The [previous] five T's are connected with knowledge acquisition and studying, but there are three T's –without them there would be no value for the first five T's.
These T's are connected with the purification of the soul.

6) The T of "Tazkiyah" Purification of the Soul
We should never be heedless of purification, up to the very last moment in our lives.

7) The T of "Tawakol" Reliance on Allah
Whoever wants to be the strongest of people, then he should rely on Allah.

8) The T of "Tawassol" Seeking Means to Allah
Seeking means to Allah through the Prophet and his Household (peace be upon them all). They are our means to come close to Allah.
{…and seek the means of recourse to Him}

When Imam Khomeini was in Najaf, he used to visit the shrine of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) every night and recite the Ziyarah Al-Jami'a Al-Kabira and Ziyara of Amin Allah.

A [seminary] student should heed these 8 T's in his life, and with them there is no room to waste time. However, we should mention that a student should make time for his family and for recreation.

I have searched and found these 8 T's, and perhaps you will find others.

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