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The Impact of a Good son in this life and the Hereafter

The need of having a son is a natural need for each mother and father because a son is one of God’s blessings. There are many parents who are deprived of this blessing, then when God favors him, their life becomes full of happiness. So what if this son is a good and religious person who bores the name of his family and prays for them by his morals and religion! That’s why it was mentioned in the Hadith of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh):” A good son is one of a man’s blessings”. [1] A good son who presents his parent’s goals is a true gift. A bad son presents the opposite where he’s such a big misfortune. He will subject him for dishonor in this life and being questioned in the hereafter. The Prince of believers (pbuh) says:” A bad boy destroys honor and shame the ancestors”.[2]
In addition, there are many hearsays that talk about the importance of a good son in this life and the hereafter.
The Impact of a Good Son in this Life
 A son, in addition for being the joy of the eye of his parents as the holy verse says, (Our Lord! Grant into us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous) (Al Furqan:74), also has another impact in this life where if he’s a good man, he will be the supporter of his parents to face life's troubles and calamities of eternity especially when they become older and weak. In the hearsay of Al Imam Zain Al Abedeen (pbuh), he says:” It’s the pleasure of a human to get his work where he lives, be accompanied with righteous people, and have a son who supports him”. [3]
The Impact of a bad Son in the Hereafter
 A good son who’s raised according to the Islamic provisions attracts good deeds to his parents after their death through his good behaviors and his prayers for him. Al Imam Al Sadek says:” Only three characteristics follow a human being after his death and nothing else: a charity he paid in this life will follow him after his death, a good customer he taught to someone and people are still following it after his death, or a good son who prays for him”.[4]
Same as the one who calls for a good deed takes the same reward of the doer, the parents who teach their son the Islamic provisions and beautify them with good morals and behaviors, they will get the reward. It was mentioned in the hearsay of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh):” the prophet Issa, the son of Mary, (pbuh) has passed onetime beside a grave and heard the sound of the man inside being tortured. Then a man he met passed by the grave and didn’t hear the sound of torture. So he said, Oh Lord, one year ago I passed from here and he was being tortured, but I passsed this year and didn’t hear that. So God revealed to him that the man was granted by a good boy who behaved well and sheltered an orphan so I forgave him (the father) for the sins he did. Then God said that it’s an inheritance for him from his righteous believer to raise a son who worships him after his death”.
The source, book: The Good Son, Al Maaref Islamic and Cultural Institution

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