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Basics of Righteousness

We should focus on some matters that are considered as the basics of righteousness, its doors, and pillars. When we succeed in opening these doors in the right way, it will be easy to reach all of the conditions of righteousness and achieve them.

If we don’t succeed in dealing with these basics, we won’t be able to build a house that faces the wind, but all of what we’re building will be damaged when facing the first hard test. So, what are these basics:

 1- Self Building (The Nafs)

 Al Imam Al khomeini (may God sanctify his secret) says:
The prophets were sent from God for improving people and building their personalities (Al Nafes). All of the holy books, especially the Holy Qur’an, try to improve this human being because the world’s improvement is associated with human improvement.[1]
He also says: '' any reform in this world begins from people. If a human being is not educated, he will not be able to educate other people. Because issues were under the control of a group of people who were not raised in an Islamic way, who didn’t improve themselves, and because of this big deficiency, they drove the country to the case it is today, and drove us to such circumstances that need long years to be reformed, if God wills.[2]
We should be concerned about improving a human being in the right way from the beginning by educating him and building him up rightly. Reform begins since being a little child to provide him with the environment and conditions of improvement. By that, we will let him reach the case of being able to depend on himself to face all of the corruption surrounding him, so that he can be an effective member in society with the positive sides he has, and never be affected by the negatives of society.
Al Imam Al Khomaini (may God sanctify his secret) says:
The only regime and school that cares about a human being, even before the consecration of his sperm, until his end- and surely he’s endless- is the school of the prophets.[3]
He also says: '' a human being is the most important message that the prophets call to, and nothing else. Everything must be suitable for a human being. They want to improve human beings so that everything in this world will be reformed.”[4]
 2- The Importance of Culture
 Al Imam Al Khomaini (may God sanctify his secret) says: ” A true culture builds nations”. [5]
 He also says: ” if the culture is right, our youth will be right”.[6]
Culture not only has a basic role in reforming, but the reform starts it. Al Imam al Khomaini (may God sanctify his secret) says: ” the way to reform any country begins from the cultural reform; the reform starts from culture”.[7]
It’s the true beginning that makes the other steps fruitful. Al Imam (may God sanctify his secret) says: ” the culture of any society basically defines its identity and existence. If the culture deviates, the society will be hollow and empty no matter the power it has in the economic, political, and industrial aspects.”[8]
3- Strengthening the Spiritual Side
Al Imam Al Khomaini (may God sanctify his secret) says: ”Faith means that your hearts understand and believe in the matters you realize by your brains. This doesn’t need to strive to let your hearts understand that we’re all being watched by God. If our hearts understand this, it will be aware of all the sins because the absence of this idea leads to committing sins.”[9]
Intellectual knowledge is important, but it is still unable to face difficult tests unless it deepens to reach hearts. Its occupation for hearts strengthens the moral and spiritual aspects which are the border that prevents a human being from deviation and calls him for moral excellence always.
Society Reform, Al Maaaref Islamic and Cultural Institution

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