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 Integrity in Political Affairs

I tell you dear revolutionists: integrity is important, but it is not about defending its name and appearance. It is not about that at all, that’s why we see a group of people that continue their path without the need of anything regarding appearance, but they are empty from inside! When a person wakes up from unawareness, he will notice and see that. I tell you this and I direct it to everyone, especially the elite among them: Strive to preserve this corner and this column with strength and solidity, and fix this roof on this peg, the roof of the revolution, the roof of values and true Islamic society, name it whatever you want. If everyone stays away from this roof, which means that as long as its walls are torn down, and its pillars and pegs remain, it will not tremble, and a hundred pickaxes and chisels strike its one-tier brick walls, there will be no problem. However, if one pillar vibrates, it is inevitable that the ceiling will vibrate by the same amount.

Neither feel afraid nor leave the revolutionary and Islamic values behind, their appearance and frame, for any value or price. This idea is above all the political, partisan, and daily affairs.

Be aware of all what is popular in the political norms. “They”, through their political and international haunts, don’t want the true affairs to reach us. Let’s assume that an expert american group is specialized in solving the problems of countries and governments that have relations and affairs with America, then the name of this group will be “The Political haunt or the diplomatic haunt”.

Memories of Nixon Chun Li.:
For example, they make a step such as making a ping-punk match with China in the era of Chun Li. This formalizes an introductory step for having step-by-step relations, and no one felt that something had happened. Read Nixon's memories. He wrote a book called "Leaders," which was translated into Persian, and in that book he wrote his memories with Chun Lai.

One of the issues that he talks about in the book, from what I still remember, is his meetings with “Gwen Lay” and his historical visit to China that lead to having relations with it and gaining its friendship! Think about this relationship, when did it start! No one noticed that! Which means that those who talk with these haunts and those who are vulnerable to, feel at the end that life’s necessities oblige them and they have no other way for that. On the other hand, the spies of politics and its leaders around the world know that, know how to deal with, and know that others have other options and domains. Did you notice? Beware of falling into the pitfalls and ambushes of these haunts. In addition, what may be imagined to be a temporary necessity, and perhaps that is a necessity in one sense, we should not suspect the matter and confuse it with real obstacles. No, this is among the issues that fade and go with the presence of righteousness. Of course, our words here do not mean that today in our country there are people whose condition is similar to that of Chun Li at that time! Fortunately.. and here I mentioned this issue as an example among dozens of issues and examples.

You make up the crucial elements and group. You are the ones who have the will, the real action and the real determination, even if at another moment there is another responsible person who makes the decision and implements it, but in reality you are the ones who design and make the decision.

Source: Righteousness and Insight, excerpted from the words of His Eminence the Leader, Sayyid Ali Khaminai (may God protect him) about Insight and Integrity

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