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The Quran Argumentation of the Non-Divinity of Jesus (pbuh)

God almighty says: “Truly, the likeness of (Prophet) Jesus with Allah, is as the likeness of Adam, He created him from dust then He said to him "Be" and he was. (59) The truth is from your Lord, therefore, do not be among the doubters (60)”.

At the beginning of this Surah, we said that many of its revealed verses were as a response to the Najran christians who came in a delegation of 60 persons with a number of leaders to agitate with God’s prophet (pbuh). The divinity of Jesus was among the topics rejected by God's prophet and inferred by saying that Jesus was born and lived as other people so he cannot be a God. But, they inferred his divinity because he was born without a father, so the verse was revealed as a response to them. But when they rejected that, he invited them for cursing.

Explanation: negation of Jesus divinity: the first verse shows a short and clear response to Najran christians about Jesus divinity. The birth of Jesus without a father cannot be an evidence that he’s God’s son or God itself because Adam’s birth was more amazing where he was born with neither a father nor a mother.

Therefore, the same as Adam’s creation doesn’t call for wonder because God is capable of everything and because his “action” and “will” are consistent, so if he wants something to happen, he says “be” and it will be. Likewise the birth of Jesus from a mother without a father is not impossible. Basically, the easy accomplished and the hard accomplished are achieved by the one whose ability is limited as in creations. But he whose ability is unlimited, knows nothing about difficulty or ease. For him, creating a single leaf is equal to creating a forest of thousands of kilometers, and creating a single atom is like creating the solar system.
(The truth is from your Lord, therefore, do not be among the doubters): this verse confirms the issue and says: what we’ve done with Jesus is something real from God, with no doubt, so don’t hesitate accepting it.

Commentators have two opinion regarding the explanation of “the truth is from your Lord”: the first opinion says that the sentences consists from a subject and predicate, therefore the meaning is as follows: the truth is always from your Lord because the truth is the reality, and reality is existence, and every existence originates from itself. Therefore, all falsehood is nonexistence, and the nonexistence is extraneous for itself.

The second opinion says: the sentence is a predicate for a deleted subject which is “those news”. This means that the sentence says “those news” that we revealed are the truth from God. Both explanations agree with the verse.

The Optimum in Explaining God’s Revealed Book -Freely, Al Shaikh Naser Makarem Al Shirazi

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