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True Love for God Almighty

The meaning of slavery and submission to God relies on rules and principles that give the idea of slavery a spirit and psychological and emotional power which affects and pushes toward being connected and affected to God almighty.

Among these psychological rules and personal deep feelings:

Love and Longing:
God’s love and fondness occupies a man’s brain and heart, reacts with his feelings and mind, fills his soul, becomes a religion for him, and his path in life. This love impacts will appear in all man’s behavior and his spirit will be reflected on all his activities and feelings so that his slavery is now based on pure love and longing for his deity (God) because he sees in him every aimable trait; rather, he sees him as the ultimate in perfection and purpose.

Therefore, this love and fondness to God will not stop moving and pushing a man towards his deity and worship, so that he will not find comfortability unless in behaviors that make him closer to God, and won’t do anything except what makes God satisfied.

When he practices this love and lives this fondness, he will feel as if he’s getting the best pleasures of life and the highest ranks of happiness that make him closer to his deity whom he moves towards him with love and fondness.

This is because the servitude practices done by a man such as prayer, fasting, Jihad, and supplication… don’t complete their real meaning in the human soul until a man feels true love for God almighty and fondness for Him.

That’s why you see a faithful believer holding the message of slavery and religion with his soul and brain, giving good news about it, feeling proud of embracing it, and sacrifice his money, self, comfortability and all his beloved people for it because all of this has no value if it is not evaluated by his love for his deity.

The holy Quran has clearly explained the longing of that great psychological relation between a believer and his deity:
(O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from his religion (Islam), Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him…) Surah Al Ma’ida/ verse 54.
(...But those who believe are stronger in love for All?h…) Surah Al Baqarah/verse 165.

In the supplication of the Greatest Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, we find a sincere eruption of the springs of divine love and longing, so we read: “Oh God, grant me your love, the love of those who love you, and the love of those who bring me closer to your love, and make your love more beloved to me than cold water”1 . And here is the grandson of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, sips from the springs of divine love and depicts for us the sweetness of its taste, so that whoever drinks from it does not tend to anyone else: “You are the one who removed gentiles from the hearts of your loved ones so that they only loved you and did not turn to anyone else”2.

Al Imam Jaafar Al Sadek (pbuh) talked about the relation of a lover with God almighty and the reflection of this feeling on his behaviors and feelings so he said: ”The lover is the most sincere of people to God, the most truthful in word, and the most fulfilling of a covenant.”3

But when this glowing flame fades in the human soul and this explosive spring dries up, he feels the dryness of life, and feels the accumulation of the darkness of the soul, and the misery of life.. He keeps floundering in his worship.. terrified in the world of loss.. far from God.

Even if he practiced worship in this case, so he fasted and prayed... and did good deeds, his deeds will remain devoid of the true content of worship... devoid of its spiritual content that raises many degrees in the world of progress and human perfection.

Worship and Slavery, Al Maaref Islamic Institution

([1]) Al Naraki Jame’ Al Sa’adat part 2 page 150
([2]) Same source page 152
([3]) The previous source page 154

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