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The External Preventives of Insight

The commander of the faithful (a.s) says:”Beware of liking yourself, trusting what you like of it, and liking praise because these are the best evil opportunities to destroy the beneficence of the munificents…”. [1]
Preventives of Insight
The preventives of Insight are many: love for the world, seeking for desires and pleasures, deception and suspicions, false hopes and others. Every opposite to light and insight is considered a preventive of insight, even if each preventive has a different effect.
The First Part: The External Preventives
 Sedition and Suspicion of Truth with Falsehood:

Sedition, by its nature, works on preventing a man from working with his insight, or at least it prevents the effect of this insight.
The Commander of the Faithful (a.s) says:” The basis of the occurrence of seditions are those desires which are acted upon and the orders that are innovated. They are against the Book of Allah. People cooperate with each other about them even though it is against the Religion of Allah. If wrong had been pure and unmixed it would not be hidden from those who are in search of it. And if right had been pure without admixture of wrong, those who bear hatred towards it would have been silenced. What is, however, done is that a bunch[2] is taken from here and a bunch from there and the two are mixed! At this stage Satan overpowers his friends and they alone escape for whom ‘virtue has been apportioned by God from before”. [3]
Sedition occurs when the truth is suspicious of the falsehood and falsehood is suspicious of the truth. Distinguishing between them becomes so precise and difficult since in such cases, issues are not clear like having two separate parties of truth and falsehood. A man has nothing to do except following the truth of the falsehood where issues won’t be clear, therefore a man needs a strong insight that helps him to diagnose issues and choose the correct decision. Anyway, life’s nature is based on the suspicion of the truth of falsehood. Meanwhile, the nature of the emission is to separate the truth from the falsehood.
For this reason, one of the names of the Day of Judgment is “The Day of Sorting Out” which was repeated many times; it is the day when all of the secrets appear, and God sorts between parties.
 The Misdirected Media:
The misdirected media works on different points to distance people from the truth.
If we turn back to history to read the conflict between the truth and the falsehood, we will find an example when Pharaoh used many media methods during his conflict with the prophet Moses (a.s). We mentioned among them the following:
Threatening people and spreading false propaganda or exaggerating some facts to distance people from their religion, “I am fearful that he will change your religion or cause mischief in the land”. [4]
-Spreading pessimism towards Moses and his followers among people and suggesting that he is the reason for the problems of the kingdom and people, “But when good (times) came, they said, "This is due to us;" When gripped by calamity, they ascribed it to evil omens connected with Moses and those with him”. [5]
This is the strategy followed by misdirected media through frightening people of the truth and accusing them. Hence, the misdirected media works on different chapters to destroy the Islamic Ideology which directly affects the believer’s insight. One of the most important chapters:
-The media war against the islamic identity such as western call for globalization, separating the religion from the government, and calling some silly people for westering the Islamic teachings and values.  
-Trying to destroy the Islamic symbols as we see in the repetitive and shameful attempts to insult the character of The noble prophet (pbuh) in the cinema films and caricatures.
-Misguided and misleading leadership including the creation of some characters that have a religious and faithful features like the London Shiism or The takfir (labeling someone as unbeliever) princes who mislead the faithful people from the truth of faith and direct them towards the distorted religion that presents Islam in a dark and frightening way.
 My Insight is with me, Al Maaref ISlamic and Cultural Institution

[1] Nahj Al Balagha, a previous source, No. 53 from a book of his, peace be upon him, written by Al Ashtar Al Nakh’i - when he appointed him over Egypt and its actions when the matter of its emir, Muhammad bin Abi Bakr, was troubled, and it is the longest era he wrote and compiled for al-Mahasin, pg. 443.
 [2] Bahrain Complex: the bunch: A grip of mixed weed, wet and dry, and it is said that the palm is full of rods and hashish.
 [3] Nahj al-Balaghah, a previous source, No. 50 of his words, peace be upon him, in which there is an explanation of the temptations that destroy the world and the clarification of these temptations, p. 88.
 [4] Surah Ghafir, verse 26
 [5] Surah Al A’raf, verse 131

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