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Deception of People of Weak Insight

When someone is in authority, a governmental stage is characterized by a feature of being plagued by compliments, flattery, and compromises. Here, the lack of flattery in the government of the Commander of the Faithful becomes clear, as well as treading on false personal benefits and what he considers incorrect, unsound and incompatible in the islamic principles. This is the lesson that we should learn today…

Since day one of the government of the Commander of faithful (a.s), demands and expectations were present. Many known characters in Islam, have deviated from the path of Al Imam Ali because of not accomplishing what they waited for and expected.

People like Talha, Al Zabir, Saed bin Abi Wakkas and others were among the known characters during the period of the prophet (pbuh). They were among the respectful companions, but they were weak. Sometimes, self desires and demands become a struggle between the insightful heart and behaviors that should be done in the most fateful cases of a man. These desires and demands don’t allow a man to make the appropriate and correct decisions. Therefore, the followers of the Commander of the Faithful were separated and got away from him.

I have no doubt that no person in the islamic world today doesn’t blame the prophet’s companions for getting away from Al Imam Ali, because of this deviation.
Absolutely, those who don’t see shame in this separation say that those companions repented or mistaken the case. In reality no one sees this decision correct and appropriate, but this was done by many. Then, what is the reason? It is because the Commander of the Faithful didn’t surrender to these demands and expectations[1]. (1/4/1363)

There is no Judgment except by God; Deception of People of Weak Insight
The Commander of the Faithful acknowledged what he was doing. During that duration, the 4 years and 9 months of his short government, he behaved with conscious certainty and patience. He said during the Soffin battle that only people of patience, insight and resistance can hold this flag. He means that by certainty and patience, as two means and wings, he did his duty during that period and flew in the horizon of the sky.  None of the waves that hit and pressured Al Imam have deviated him from the path that he drew. On the one hand, a group of students of power were pressuring him, and on the other hand, he was facing a stony, ignorant, exaggerated group.  As it is said in popular culture, “waves from the right and waves from the north”. The Commander of the Faithful (a.s) did not surrender in front of any of these waves.

One day, the Kharijites wanted to give the Commander of the Faithful (a.s), who spent his honorable life for the sake of God’s government, a lesson “there is no judgment but God”.  Al imam did not approve of this slogan.  He faced, resisted, and took that path in which the righteousness of the Muslims required the survival of Islam. He took it with aptitude, toughness and courage, and without being affected by artificial space, until he reached the greatest divine reward which is martyrdom.  (17/3/1364)

Straightness and Insight, An excerpt from the words of His Eminence the Leader, Sayyid Ali Al Khaminai (may God protect him) about insight and straightness

[1] Favoritism and personal interests as the common expression today.

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