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How is a System considered Islamic?


Here, we want to expand a little in explaining to clarify what we mean when saying “How is a system considered islamic”. Whenever a system has a message and is based on specific standards and values, whether it is islamic or something else, it should have two dimensions. In other words, the subjection of a certain system for a group of standards, doctrines, thoughts and certain knowledge is embodied in at least two dimensions: “legislation”, “judgment” and “implementation”.
We can also add a third dimension which is the “judicial” dimension. But this dimension is not characterized by the originality of the legislative and executive branch. The conclusion is that there are two main dimensions: Legislation and implementation, and the judicial dimension belongs to them.
If the laws approved and defended by the system were Islamic laws, and those responsible for implementing these laws had assumed this position on the basis of islamic principles and values, then that system would be “Islamic”. But if the laws deviate from the path of Islam, or if those responsible for the jugment or implementation did not assume these positions on the basis of Islamic standards, but instead assumed them in non-Islamic methods, then such a system cannot be considered Islamic.
Therefore, we cannot consider our government truly Islamic unless its laws prevail the islamic laws and its judges and laws’ enforcers take those positions according to the methods accepted by God almighty. So if these two issues are affected by a lesion, which means if the legislative branch deviates from the islamic path or they were placed in these branches in non-islamic methods, at that time, there will be no guarantee for the continuation of the Islamic system. Rather, ideas and directions would gradually deviate from the correct path.
This deviation may occur very quietly and slowly so it does not receive reactions from the Muslim people, especially the masses that have a small amount of information, but any ways it will end in a deviation from the correct path.  So in order to prevent infection with this lesion that has always emerged in previous societies and has appeared in the Islamic world in a very ugly way and prevent the recurrence of such bitter incidents, it is necessary to increase the vigilance of masses of people and their keenness to preserve Islamic principles, beliefs and values ??so that they understand and believe in Islamic beliefs better than before and adhere strongly to them with the values based on those beliefs.
In summary: The main feature of this system is being Islamic, and this feature is only achieved when legislation, implementation and judiciary are based on islamic principles and values.
In order for this “Islamism” to continue, people should be keen on Islamic principles and values ??in order to prevent any deviation from occurring. This is only achieved if the people’s knowledge of Islam is true, deep and far from deviation, so that they are not shaken by suspicions, but rather to respond to them as well.
That is why it is necessary to raise the issue of "Islamic governance" in order for the people to have a clear view of it.
And there will be no guarantee to preserve the "Islamism of this regime" and to continue without raising the level of Islamic culture among people and strengthening their adherence to the principles of Islam.

The Islamic Government and Wilayat Al Fakih, Ayatollah Al Sheikh Mohammad Taqi- Mesbah Yazdi (may God sanctify his secret)- Freely

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