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The Incident of Karbala that Lightened the Darkness of History


 We watch in movies and read stories that when the enemy attacks and storms, any normal person becomes controlled by eagerness and enthusiasm and goes to fight the enemy. Are all of these fighters geniuses? Are all the fighters in the battles and wars that took place throughout history who emerged to fight their enemies and remained steadfast until they were killed, all of these geniuses? No, these are normal people. Not all that enthusiasm and eagerness is genius, whether it comes at once and ends, or what continues, or what that follows it.

This kind of integrity is not what we mention about Imam Hussein (a.s). The uprightness of Imam Hussein differs. The uprightness of him, on the day of Ashura, doesn’t means to be hit by the swords so that the wounds of his honorable body reach sever and odd wounds. This is not the kind of integrity that we seek for the great Imam Hussein (a.s). Yes! Every brave soldier can do such work.

The integrity of Imam Al Hussein, as you can see in his work, lies in approaching a child like Ali the Younger, who will be slaughtered due to extreme thirst, and a revered woman like Zainab (a.s), who is beaten with the whips of the arrogances of Kufa, taken out as a captive, deprived of his robe, veils, and perhaps her jewelry and necklaces! Think about it! Can you, if you were in this situation, and they told you: "Very well done! You are brave, you want Jihad and confrontation, you can do that, but see at what price and value!" How much integrity will you be able to show? Here, in this particular situation, you know Hussein’s integrity.

Hussein’s righteousness is that when the goal is known, diagnosed, evaluated, and knows the size and greatness of its value, he stood with bravery, at a time when the hearts of ordinary people, those with generosity, courage, fraternity, and dignity of people tremble. If there was someone else in his place, he would have stopped and said: “In the end, I am ready to sacrifice myself on this path, but here in this desert and while suffering from this thirst, how can I stand when there is a baby and an honorable lady in between..?![1]  (28/2/1377)

Sometimes a person is told: Don't take this path because you may be subjected to torture and pain. A strong person says: I will cross this path! Sometimes it is said to another: Do not take this path, perhaps you will be killed. You see the distinguished person saying: I will follow it and I do not care about being killed. But at other times, the conversation may not be limited to mere killing, torture and deprivation, but rather it is said: Do not go, as a number of people may be killed as a result of your movement. Here, the subject of other people's lives is presented on the rug, and it is said to him: Do not follow this path, as it is likely that many women, men and children will face great hardships as a result of this your path, and the lives of people here are at stake. Here, the hearts of those who do not care about killing (those who are about to die) tremble, so what about others! As for those whose limbs do not tremble, they are first in the highest degree of insight and aware of the enormity of the jo that they perform.

Secondly, they have the strength of the soul [patience] that does not seep into weakness. These two characteristics were manifested in the person of Imam Hussein (a.s) in Karbala. Therefore, the incident of Karbala was like a sun that shone in the depths of history, and it has always been shining and will remain so forever.[2]


Rightness and Insight, A part of the words of His Eminence, the Leader, Sayyid Ali Khaminai (may God protect him) about insight and rightness

 [1] Al Imam Al Khaminai speech during the ceremonies commemorating the death of Imam Khomeini, 28/2/1377- 18/4/1998

[2] His speech in the oresence of large crowds of visitors to the shrine of Imam Khomeini, 3/14/1375 A.M.

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