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The Holy Prophet Muhammad Al Mustafa (S.A)' Ziyarat
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The Holy Prophet Muhammad Al Mustafa (S.A)' Ziyarat

Prophet Muhammad Al Mustafa Hazrate Mohammad last Prophet

The Holy grave of the Holy Prophet is inside the "Masjidun Nabawwi", in Medina Munawwarah.

1- Enter (put the right foot in first) from the door of Jabraeel (A.S.).

2- Recite "Allaahu Akbar" 100 times.

3- Pray 2 Rak-a't "Tah'iyyah Salaat ul Masjid" (welcome prayer).

4- After kissing the "H'ujrah al Shareef" (the blessed chamber) recite: Peace be on you O Messenger of

Allah.Peace be on you O Prophet of Allah. Peace be on you O Muhammad son of Abdillah.

Peace be on you O the seal of Prophets. I bear witness that you carried and delivered the Message,

established the prayers, paid the prescribed alms, directed to do what is lawful, forbade not to do what is

unlawful, devotedly worshipped and served Allah, till the inevitable came unto you. Blessings and mercy of Allah be on you and on your pure children.

5- Stand near the pillar on the right side of the holy grave, facing

Qiblah, left shoulder towards the holy grave and right shoulder towards the "Mimber" (pulpit), which is the place of the Holy head, and recite: I bear witness that there is no god save, Allah, the One who has no associate. I bear witness that Muhammad is His bondman and Messenger, I bear witness that verify you are

the Messenger of Allah, and you are Muhammad son of Abdullah. I bear witness that you carried and delivered the Message of your Lord, gave sincere advise to your followers, strived in the way of Allah,

worshipped and served Allah, with wisdom and good counsel, that which was entrusted to you

from the True God has been pronounced by you, you were kind unto the faithfuls, but severely dealt with the

infidels, so Allah raised you to the noblest and the most celebrated position, praise be to Allah that He saved us, through you, from "giving partners to Allah", and from going astry.

O Allah, therefore, Thy blessings, blessings of Thy favourite Angels, commissioned Prophets, pious

servants, and the dwellers of the heavens and the earths, and those who glorify Thee, O Lord of the

worlds, from the beginning to the end, be on Muhammad, Thy bondman, Messenger, Prophet,

trustee, confidant, beloved, sincere friend, preferred choice, and goodness, Thou Thyself

chose from among all that which has been created by Thee. O Allah elevate him to the highes rank,

make him the means of approach to the Paradise, let him reach and stay at the praised position,

(so that) the ancients and the moderns find his position enviable.

O Allah Thou has said: "And if, when they had wronged themselves, they had but come

unto you and asked forgiveness of the Messenger, they would have found Allah Forgiving,

Merciful." I seek your forgiveness, repentant of my wrongdoing, and, through you, direct myself towards Allah, my lord and your lord, for obtaining pardon for me.

6- Then turn towards Qiblah and invoke Allah for fulfilment of legitimate desires.

7- Then go near the pulpit and touch it with your mouth, eyes and hands and praise Allah.

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