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The Great Virtues of Imam Ali (Part 2)
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The Great Virtues of Imam Ali (Part 2)

Ali (a.s)’s admonition after Ishas

And with the first claim of narration from Ali b. Mahzyar, from al-Hassan b. Mahboob, from Amru b. Abi al-Maqdam, from Jabir, from Abu Ja’far, peace be upon him, who said: When Imam Ali, peace be upon him, was at Kufa, he would announce three times after people had prayed their last evening prayers, so that all in the mosque would hear it: "O people! Be prepared, may Allah bless you with mercy, for the call for departure has been made.

So what is the meaning of clinging to the world, after the departing call? Be prepared, May Allah have mercy upon you, and move onwards with the best of supplies you have with you and that is Taqwa. And be it known to you that your path is the place of Resurrection, passing over the al-Siraat; and the great shock is confronting you.

And in your path, there are mountains difficult to climb and stations through which you have to pass and also halt, despite its fright and terror. It will be His Mercy, which will redeem from its fright and save from its great danger, horrid scenes and from its severe test. And if it is perdition, then there is no solace after it."

Ali (a.s) guides to true reform of oneself

And with the former chains of narration from Ali b. Mahzyar (from Ali b. Hadeed), who reported from Abu Ishaq al-Khorasani, a friend of ours, that: Amirul Mo’mineen, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon him, used to say: "Do not be shaken in your faith, for that will make you a doubter; and do not be doubters, for that will lead to disbelief. And do not make yourself cheap falling victim to flattery and adulation; and do not be sycophant in matters of truth, for that will cause you a great loss.

Firmness lies in becoming more learned in Religion and the sign of true religious learning is not to be conceited nor deceitful.

The most honest and sincere to oneself among you is the one who is most obedient to his Sustainer; and the most deceitful to oneself among you is the one who is most insubordinate to his Sustainer.

He, who obeys Him, is secure and guided; and he who disobeys Him, is disappointed and remorseful. Seek certitude from Allah and set your hearts inclined to Him, when you are free from all harm; for the best experience of heart is that of certitude. O people! Refrain from lying. And anyone who expects proceeds to demand and anyone who fears flee."

* By: Sheikh al-Mufid

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