Behavior towards the Shi'ites

The Life of Imam Al-Rida

Musa ibn Yasar said, "I was with Imam Rida (A.S.) near Tus when we heard the sound of mourning...

Musa ibn Yasar said, "I was with Imam Rida (A.S.) near Tus when we heard the sound of mourning. We followed the sound and came upon a funeral procession. Imam immediately dismounted from his horse and walked toward the corpse. Just like a mother embracing her son, he embraced the corpse and said, "God will forgive all the sins of the one who escorts the funeral of our friends." Then he followed it to the edge of the grave. There he placed his palm on the chest of the corpse and promised it paradise."

I said, "May I be ransomed for you! Had you known him?" Imam replied, "Do you not know that every dawn and evening the deeds of our followers are presented to us? If they have done good we give thanks to God, but if they have done wrong we pray God to forgive them."

Once someone who was returning from hajj lost his money. He met Imam and said, "Help me out, and as soon as I get to my own town, I will give the money to the poor as charity (sadiqah) on your behalf." Imam waited until all the others left the room. Then he went into one of the inner rooms and from behind the door offered the man two hundred dinars and said,

"Spend this money. You do not need to pay it as charity on my behalf." The friends of the Imam asked him, Why didn't you face the man when you were giving him the money?" Imam replied, "I did't want him to feel ashamed at receiving money."

* Furu' al-Kafi, Vol. 4, 24

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