The Generosity of Imam Rida (A.S.)

The Life of Imam Al-Rida

Kuleini and a number of great narrators have narrated this event from Yasa' ibn Hamzah - one of the companions...

Kuleini and a number of great narrators have narrated this event from Yasa’ ibn Hamzah - one of the companions of Imam Ali ibn Moosa al-Rida (A.S.):

On one of the days, I was in the house of Imam Rida (A.S.) along with many others. The people were asking questions about divine orders, and the Imam fully and explicitly answered each of the questions.

In the meantime, a tall man entered. He greeted the Imam and said:

"O Son of the Messenger of Allah! I am of the people who love and cherish you Ahl al-Bait. I am on my journey to the holy city of Makkah. I have however, run out of money and food, and am not able to afford to go back to my city.

However possible for you, please help me to return to my city. Since I am not of the people who are legally permitted to receive alms I will repay the same amount in alms to the poor for the sake of Allah once I reach my city."

The Imam replied: "Take a seat here. May the kind Lord shower you with His mercies." He then continued to answer the questions of the people.

When the gathering ended and the people left, I and Sulayman Ja’fari along with some others stayed in the presence of the Imam.

The Imam asked if he could excuse himself and go inside.

Sulayman replied: "May your footsteps be full of blessings, the permission is with you."

The Imam stood up and left. After a while, when he was standing behind the door, he asked: "Where is that passenger?"

The passenger said: "I’m here!"

The Imam stretched his hand, still standing behind the door he said: "Come, get this 200 Dirhams, spend it on your trip, and it is not necessary to pay it back as alms."

The Imam then continued: "Now, leave here so that we do not see each other!"

The passenger from Khurasan got the money, said goodbye and left the house. Imam came back into the room and sat beside us.

Sulayman asked: "O Son of the Messenger of Allah, may my life be sacrificed for you, why did you hide yourself?

Imam Rida (A.S.) replied: "Because I did not want that stranger to feel ashamed."

* Selection taken from "40 Story & 40 Hadiths from Imam Reza (A.S.)", by Abdullah Salehi

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