Imam Hadi (A.S.) in Mutawakkil's Assembly

Imamate of the Imam

Mutawakkil, who was a self conceited and egoist Abbasade caliph, was much annoyed about the attention...

Mutawakkil, who was a self conceited and egoist Abbasade caliph, was much annoyed about the attention of the people focused upon Hadi (A.S.) and was all the time immersed in the thought of annihilating Imam (A.S.). One day, he was informed that Imam (A.S.) wanted to bring about a revolt and has gathered money and weapons, for this purpose, in his house.

Mutawakkil ordered the officials to attack and break into the house of Imam (A.S.) at midnight and search it and whatever money and weapons are discovered be brought to him along with the Imam (A.S.).

Mutawakkil had arranged a merry making party in his palace for his own relaxation and amusement and the musician played music and the singers sang sons for him.

He was counting moments and waiting anxiously for Imam to be showed in. The agents and officials climbed the roof from the backside of the Imam’s (A.S.) house and break into it. They found Imam (A.S.) busy in offering his prayers in a room. Howsoever, they searched the rooms but could not find anything except a certain amount of money and one sword. They picked these up and presented to Mutawakkil along with the Imam (A.S.).

When Imam (A.S.) arrived Mutawakkil seated him beside himself and presented the dirty drink (wine) to him and asked him to take it. Imam (A.S.) said, "By Lord, I shall never at all touch my lips with it."

Mutawakkil who was intoxicated and did not have attention towards anything turned his face to Imam (A.S.) and said, "Thus you must recite some poem (rhymes) for me." Hazrat Imam (A.S.) said, "I do not know any of them except for a number of them, which are left over as a monument of my grandfather Ali (A.S.)."

Mutawakkil said, "Recite that" Imam (A.S.) recited the rhymes, of his forefather Ali (A.S.), which were striking and awareness creating. A tempest took shape in his interior. So that he came to his senses, out of intoxication.

He wept and ordered that Imam (A.S.) may be sent back to his house respectfully. The money, which was brought from his house, may be returned with sane addition to it.

The Translation of the rhymes is as under:

1- They made the high peaks, their residence, and permanently and always, stationed armed guards to watch that. But none of them could stop the death from approaching them.

2- Finally and consequently, they were dragged from their grand palaces into the ditches of graves and with how unfortunately they arrived it.

3- At this time, the voice of the caller of God raised which said, "Where did those decorations, crowns, magnanimity and ostentation and grandeur go?" Where did those faces brought up in coquetry and endearment and which were nurtured upon the wealth of others, and showed their pride and mincing air to them, go.

4- The grave made them anonymous and their faces turned into the fields of attacks of the insects and worms.

5- One day they ate and drank whatever they desired, without any care but today they have themselves become food of the animals.

The rhymes, which were totally admonitions and advices, hammered the brain of Mutawakkil, and made him so ecstasies that he was awakened from the deep slumber and threw his cup of wine upon the earth and his eyes shed tears like it was raining.

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