Miraculous Healing Account of a Mute Person

The Life of Imam Al-Rida

Hajj Sayyid Ja'far ibn-e Rida Muhammad Anbarani, who used to live in a suburb of Mashhad called Anbaran, about 24 km from Mashhad, narrated...

Date of Healing: 1331 AH (1910 AD)

Hajj Sayyid Ja'far ibn-e Rida Muhammad Anbarani, who used to live in a suburb of Mashhad called Anbaran, about 24 km from Mashhad, narrated:

"It was winter and not realizing the weather situation I took a bath in cold water outdoors due to which I got seriously ill. Unfortunately, some mental disorders, too,
accompanied the physical ailment. For sometime I used to roam in a state of stupor in the deserts.

However, by grace of the Almighty Allah after the elapse of a few months the mental disorder went away but unfortunately I lost my ability to hear and talk, becoming fully dumb! After six months, along with my mother, I went to the holy city of Mashhad.

In Mashhad I visited an English hospital, and after the checkups and undergoing necessary operations I was informed by the doctor that they can let me know whether the disease is curable or not only after the completion of the operations!

After hearing the doctor's comments I was totally disappointed and lost hope of recovering my speech.

I returned to my house and noticed that my mother had left for a pilgrimage of the holy shrine of Imam Rida (AS). I immediately performed my major ablution (Ghusl
-e-Ziarat) for performing pilgrimage and proceeded toward the shrine to plea to the beloved Holy Imam for my prompt recovery or else to grant me a sudden death!

When I entered the premises of the shrine from Sahn-e-Kohne (The Enqelab Courtyard now) and reached the Shoe keepers' chamber beside the Ivan-e- Tala (the
Golden Arch) I noticed that the servants of the Holy Imam at the Shoe Keepers' counter were fully aware of my illness!

When I took out my shoes and wanted to take a step to enter the holy shrine I felt that my legs had got extraordinarily heavy, so that I could not put my foot any further and could not sit or bend either! I felt as if I had been tied tightly with several ropes. Suddenly, I heard a voice addressing me by name and ordering me:

"Say loudly; In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, where is my mother?"

I wanted to obey the order but I still couldn't speak. Again I heard the same voice repeating the same sentence more loudly and clearly than the first time but I still couldn't speak. However, as I heard the voice the third time I felt as if someone was pouring cold water over my whole body.

That was when I shouted loudly "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, where is my mother'! Right then I noticed that my mother was standing in front of the Ivan-e-Tala and crying having noticed that I had been healed. I approached my mother and asked her where she had been. She said, "I was behind the "Panjareh-ye-Foulad" (the Steel Grill), asking the Holy Imam for your recovery when I suddenly heard your voice shouting, 'In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, where is my mother!' That was when I rushed toward the voice and I'm now sure that you have been healed by the great Imam."

Sayyid Ja'fer says, "After I was healed the people surrounded me and then tore my clothes, each taking a small piece of them (it is customary that when a miracle is performed on a pilgrim, those who notice it try to get at least a small piece that is in a way related to him as a blessed object). After that they took me to the Superintendent of 'Astan Quds Razavi' (The holy precincts of Imam Rida's(AS) shrine). The Superintendent gave me five tomans and congratulated me. Later on I was taken to Prince Nayyer al Dowleh who also gave me five tomans and asked me questions about the nature of the miracle.

Marvelous Healing account of a disabled person

Date of Healing: 8th of Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 1334 AH (1913 AD)

Karbalai Rida's son of Haj Malek-e Tabrizi who was originally from Tabriz, Iran, was a resident of Karbala, Iraq narrates:

I set out for Ziyarat (Pilgrimage) of Imam Rida (AS) and reached a place called Avan Kif. I stayed there for a night but when I woke up in the morning I was not able to move my left leg as it had become totally paralyzed. I figured my leg's ailment must be due to the high fever of the previous night. I was told by a local doctor that in order to recover my health I had to stay at Avan Kif for two months, but alas! I stayed there longer than that and finished all my money with no result. I somehow arranged two hand sticks for support and started towards Holy City of Mashhad on foot.

On the way to Holy City of Mashhad some faithful pilgrims gave me a lift and finally six months after I had left home I reached Mashhad on the evening of 7th of Jamadi-ul-Awwal. I spent the whole night on the street as I was totally bankrupted. In the morning I performed my pilgrimage ablution (Ghusl-e- Ziarat) and then started towards the Sahan-e-Atiq' (the Enqelab Courtyard today). When I reached the Shoe Keepers' Counter I lost my balance and my walking sticks fell on the ground.

Then with a broken heart, and eyes that were full of tears I cried bitterly and appeal earnestly to Imam Rida (AS) to grant my wish and heal my paralyzed leg. Then, with much difficulty, I lifted the sticks, handed them to the shoe keepers and I started to crawl toward the tomb of the Holy Imam. When I entered the shrine I went toward the Bala-Sar (where the blessed head of Holy Imam is), and tied myself with my Shawl to the Zarih (the Steel-grill covering the tomb) and started crying loudly, "O Imam Rida (AS)! Grant me my wish and heal me now!"

After a while, as I had got quite exhausted, I fell asleep. In the deep sleep I felt someone pulling my left leg and it was repeated three times. Then I saw a great Sayyid who was standing near my head and ordering me, "Stand up Karbalai Rida! I have healed your leg."

At first I didn't pay much attention to the incident, but when I noticed that the same person returned and repeated the same sentence, "Stand up Karbalai Rida your leg is healed." I told him why are you teasing me, leave me alone with my pains!' But then for a third time he returned and said, "Stand up Karbalai Rida your leg is healed, isn't that what you had asked me to do?!" This time I told him, 'For Allah's sake, for the sake of Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)and for the sake of Imam Musa ibn Ja'far(AS) who are you, o stranger?!" he said' 'I am Rida (AS)!' when he said his name, I extended my hand to grab his cloak, but unfortunately I woke up.

I could not speak and thought the best word to begin with would be saluting the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him and his household) by a Salawat, (Allah blesses Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his pure progeny).

Then I continued repeating Salawat and noticed that my left leg which was disabled was now completely healed and that I could easily walk. I noticed only and hour
and a half had passed from the time I had entered the holy shrine when I was miraculously healed.

Miracolous Healing account of Sayyid Mohammd

Date of Healing: 1328 AH. (1907 AD)

Mir Sayyid Mohammad Isfahani, the grandson of the famous Ayatollah Mir Sayyid Hassan narrates:

"My homeland is in a district of Tabriz. Prior to the illness that led to my disability I loved to say the Azan (Muslim's prayer call), which I could not continue reciting after this disease. I referred to several specialists about my illness but gained no result.

I was engaged with my sorrows for a while when I learned that a caravan from my locality was making necessary arrangements to leave for the pilgrimage of Imam Rida (AS) in holy city of Mashhad. I requested them to take me along to Mashhad. As I had lost all my hope for recovery and the doctors had informed me that it was impossible to recover my health, the only chance left for me was to go to the shrine of Imam Rida (AS), earnestly request him for his intercession and pray to Almighty Allah for my recovery.

The people in the caravan helped me get on a cart. There, in the cart, there was man who teased me by insisting to the manager of the caravan "why are you taking this disabled junky? If you think he will be healed by Imam Rida (AS) you must be a fool!"

Alas! These were the comments of a cruel person, who knew little about ways of Allah and His pious subjects!

However, we reached the holy city of Mashhad safe and sound. I entered the blessed shrine of Imam Rida (AS) and statred toward the Zarih (Silver grill on the tomb). When I reached the Zarih I tied myself with a shawl to it and remained tied to the Zarih for three full days and nights. I started reciting supplications and pleaded to the Holy Imam (AS) to grant my request and heal me, and even told him how that cruel pilgrim had broken my heart.

On the third day, near sunset, I noticed a man of God, with a green turban on his head, standing near the Zarih. He addressed me by name and ordered, "It is prayer
time. Why don't you recite the Azan?!" I told him that I could not, but he repeated his order again and said "I'm telling you to recite the Azan!', Then, upon receiving a strict order from the Holy Imam (AS) I tried my best to recite the Azan and felt that I was capable of doing so. Hence, I shouted loudly, 'Allah-o Akbar - Allah-o Akbar' (Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest).

The people who were present around the Zarih looked at me surprisingly and told me that it was not prayer time and that the calling was untimely. However, I did not pay any attention to their objections and with a great enthusiasm recited my Azan to the end of it. At this time some of the very people who had originally got surprised with the incident had started telling each other "This is the same disabled person who had tied himself to the Zarih for three days." When the people realized that I had been healed by the Holy Imam (AS) they started to tore my clothes, each taking a piece for grace.

A boy from Bukhara Regains his Eyesight

Date of Healing: 29th of Rajab, 1358 AH (1937)

The following miraculous event has been narrated by the late Sheikh Abdul Khaleq Bukharaie who was the prayer leader of that ancient, once-Iranian city:

Once a boy's father died in Bukhara. Her mother along with him migrated to the holy city of Mashhad and stayed in the Bukharaie Hujra (the charity house for immigrants from Bukhara). After some time the boy's mother left for the eternal abode due to a serious illness and the poor boy was left all alone in Mashhad, which
was a foreign city for him. Being deprived of both parents and isolated from all, the boy too got sick and lost his eye sight.

As he was alone and had no one to take care of him, I took him to an eye specialist, Dr. Fazel who was one of the famous ophthalmologists of Mashhad. After checking the boy's eyes the doctor told him to check with him once again two days later. When the boy did so, the doctor informed him that his examining lenses had broken and that he could not tell him about his eyes. Actually the doctor was not able to tell his orphan patient that his eyes had become totally blind and they were not curable any more. The boy left the doctor's office but this time fully disappointed and desperate.

Having totally lost hope for recovery, the boy returned to his meager chambers. As he was left without a guardian, a Jew, who had newly converted to Islam extended his helping hand to the boy. He announced that he was ready to pay 100 tomans for the treatment of his eyes. Upon hearing the proposal the boy said, "I don't want any help from you. I would rather plea to Imam Rida (AS) to grant my wish and heal my blindness."

The boy started towards the Dar-us-Siyadeh and gripped the Silver Grill tightly. Then with a broken heart and eyes full of tears he started his sincere supplications in which he plead to the Holy Imam (AS) to heal him. He later on said, "While I was holding the grill, due to being extremely exhausted I fell asleep.

In that state of drowsiness, I saw a spiritual Sayyid in a white dress. He wore a green shawl on it around his waist but did not wear a turban. He approached me and
asked, "What do you want son?" I, who had realized he was our kind Holy Imam (AS) said, "I want my eyesight back, oh my beloved Imam!" Then the Holy Imam (AS) held the back of my head like my father used to do, with his blessed, loving hand and with his other blessed hand gently rubbed my eyes. At once I woke up and noticed that I could see the world brighter and more clear than I ever had. I started crying and thanking the Holy Imam (AS) and praising Almighty Allah for my miraculous recovery.

From then on, I knew that although I had lost both of my dear parents, I had the Holy Imam (AS) to take care of me whenever I needed help.

Wonderful Healing account of a young Christian

The following miraculous event has been narrated by Muhammad Ali Motakhallas, who also had noted the miracle in chapter II of his book, "Poetical Works":

"I was passing by the cobbler's shop on a spring time morning when I noticed that the cobbler was seriously busy working. He had a very spiritual appearance, by which encouraged me to stop. After salutations I entered his shop and the cobbler who looked somehow amazed greeted me very warmly and invited me to take a seat. After a short talk I realized he had a foreign accent. "Where are you from?", I asked. "It has a long story and we should make an appointment for another time at another place if you are really interested," he replied. When I met the cobbler for the second time at our scheduled time and place he started, "I was born a Christian and now I am a Muslim. Now listen to the story of my conversion to Islam.

When I was only two months old I lost my mother. My father married another woman soon after this incidence and I was thus brought up by a stepmother. I always had a hard time with my stepmother. At any rate, when I was two years old I lost my father too. It was a really difficult period and I passed tough years without my parents.

In that time a war erupted in Belgium and the Belgian King, Nicholas II, was killed during the war. I was sixteen at the time of this incidence and due to the horrible conditions I somehow managed to migrate from Russia to Mashhad.

After passing some time in the holy city of Mashhad in isolation I got seriously ill. As I was a stranger in Mashhad and had none to look after me, with a broken heart, I pleaded to the Almighty and said: "My Lord! for the sake of Jesus, the holy son of Mary, for the sake of Moses, and for the sake of the Old and the New Testaments, and for the sake of the "Gharib" (One of the titles of the eighth Imam) of this land help me and heal me." As I was crying and appealing to the Almighty for help I fell asleep.

In that state I saw myself in the blessed shrine of Imam Rida (AS) beside the Zarih and noticed that no one was there expect me. At first, I was scared because I was a Christian and according to the Muslims' laws the non-Muslims are not allowed in the mosques or any of the sacred places, and this was one of the most sacred ones.

While this was going on in my mind I suddenly noticed Imam Rida (AS) standing outside his tomb. He had a green turban on his blessed head, a green shawl around his waist and his whole body was luminous. He approached me and said "Why have you come here?" I told him "I'm a stranger and a orphan in this city I'm all alone and have none to take care of me. Lately I've become ill too. Now I won't leave your sacred shrine unless you'll heal me!"

The next morning when I woke up I informed my neighbors about the miraculous event. They took me to Ayatullah Hajj Agha Hussain. When the grand Ayatullah heard my dream he embraced me and kissed me. Then he instructed me how to convert to Islam if I wished to do so.

After my conversion. I become an ardent follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and his pure progeny.

I decided to return to Russia and propagate the word of Allah there. Due to my qualifications I was appointed as a manager of a Tile Manufacturing Company which was run by 400 employees there.

After a short while I got married to one of the ladies who worked there. She was a very pious lady and converted to Islam when she heard my story. Then we both returned to Iran and settled down in the holy city of Mashhad, since I could not bear being away from my kind Imam (AS) any longer.

Almighty Allah granted us two daughters. And as they grew up and reached the age to get married, I arranged their marriage with two Sayyid brothers, namely Sayyid Abbas and Sayyid Mustafa Kamali.

A Gorgani woman recovers her Health

Date of Healing: 14th of Muharram, 1354 A.H. (1933 AD)

On the 15th of Muharram 1354 A.H., Sayyidah Mousaviyeh, the wife of Hajj Sayyid Rida Mousavi, a resident of Gorgan was healed by Imam Rida (AS). The following miracle has been narrated by Hajj Sayyid Rida Mousavi:

My wife had Malaria for nine months and I had taken her to some famous doctors in Gorgan. We had gained no result though and her health was increasingly deteriorating. I finally decided to take her to holy city of Mashhad. There are many famous doctors in Mashhad, since the city is the capital of the largest province of

One of the most famous doctors then was Dr. Ghani Sabzewari and my wife was under his treatment for forty days. She was taking his prescribed medicine regularly.

However, her general condition became worse and worse as time went by. I went to the doctor and informed him that I was ready to pay him two months fee in advance, pleading to him to do all he could to help my wife out of the miserable state. I had made my mind up to take her to Tehran if this would not work either. The doctor replied, "What can I do? Her illness has become chronic now." He then prescribed some more medicine.

When I went to a pharmacy to get his new prescriptions, my wife started crying and told me, "I don't want to take any more medicine because I know well that my disease is incurable." I told her that I knew she had heard the doctor telling me that her disease had become chronic but also reminded her that the doctor had never said that it is not curable. "He has only told us that we have to wait and..." My wife interrupted me and started crying. Then she said, "Just bring the car and let us go back to Gorgan", I didn't pay any attention to her and went out after her medicine. When I got back with the medicine she refused to take it and got more upset than ever before.

However, in the same night, her state became worse and it was around dusk time when I unconsciously left our residence for the holy shrine of Imam Rida (AS).

When I reached the shrine, without asking for permission to enter from the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) and the angles that guard the shrine (recitation of special supplications) I grabbed the Zarih (the steel case of the tomb) and clasped it.

Then I started crying and pleading, "It has now been forty days since my sick wife and I have been here, pleading to you for her recovery. But you have not paid any attention to our earnest requests and I know that you are the one that could heal my poor wife! I was crying madly and pleading to the Holy Imam (AS), "O Imam Rida (AS)! For the sake of your sacred mother, the pure Lady Fatimah (AS), the Lady of All the Women of Paradise; for the sake of your holy father Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (AS) grant us our wish. Then I threatened that I will complain to them that if I was not worth being paid attention to even though I was a lowly guest of a most noble host.

I than came out of the holy shrine, went back to my chamber and attended my wife's bed and she was burning with a high fever but was asleep. In the middle of the night she woke me up and told me, "Wake up! There are some noble gentelmen here in our chamber!" I woke up but found that no one was there. I thought it to be due to her high fever that she was uttering those strange words. So I went back to my bed and slept.

One hour before the break of dawn I woke up and noticed that my wife was not in her bed. Knowing that she was quite unable to move without help due to the disease during the past two weeks, I went to the adjacent chamber and saw her preparing tea for breakfast, like she always did before this illness! When I saw this I
told her, why is my ailing lady working so early in the morning? Is your husband dead? I'm here to serve you dear! She replied, "You are still not aware of the miracle that took place here Imam Rida (AS) has fully healed me. "Then I pleaded to her to explain everything to me.

She said, "It was in the middle of the night when I saw five noble men entering our chamber. One of them was Imam Rida (AS) who had a turban on his blessed head and the other four wore ordinary caps on their heads. They came beside my bed and you were also there sitting politely at my feet.

Then the Holy Imam (AS) ordered the four men to check me. Each of them checked me and then they told the Holy Imam (AS) "Oh Holy Imam (AS)! Please, check her yourself. The Holy Imam (AS) held my wrist with his blessed hand and checked my pulse rate. Then he told the four men, "She is quite fine! The four men took the permission to leave the Holy Imam (AS) and left the chamber. The Holy Imam (AS) turned towards you and said, "Sayyid Rida now your patient is healed, why are you so impatient and fearful?! When the Holy Imam (AS) was leaving and you followed him to see him off and thank him. The Holy Imam (AS) before leaving said farewell to you and wished us a good trip back home.

An old blind man recovers his eyesight

Muhammad Rida was a young boy whose both eyes were blind. The late Theqat-ul Islam Hajj Sheikh Ali-Akbar Moravvej (may Almighty Allah bless his soul) had seen him in this state. He narrates the following miraculous event:

Mohammad Rida led a miserable life because being totally blind he was not able to find an appropriate job. He had a daughter who used take him on the street where he used to beg and this was the miserable way they earned their bread.

However, this Muhammad Rida was miraculously healed by Imam Rida (AS) and now ten years had passed since that event. I once asked Muhammad Rida how he got his eye sight and here is how he described the miracle:

"When I first felt that severe pain in both of my eyes I visited an eye specialist for the treatment, but unfortunately I gained no noticeable result. Gradually, my eye sight become worse and worse until I got totally blind. I was blind for seven years and my daughter used to help me during those years. She would take me out to the streets and we used to earn our living begging. One day a man approached me and said, "Would you agree to give me your daughter to help my wife with the house work?" The man's statement badly broke my heart yet I did not say anything to him. As I was badly depressed I pleaded to Imam Rida (AS) to heal me or pray to Allah to grant me an urgent death.

As my daughter was holding my hand, with broken hearts and eyes full of tears, we both went toward the holy shrine of Imam Rida (AS). We entered through the Enqelab Courtyard. At the first glance when I raised my head and looked at the golden dome I felt that I could see the holy dome but not clearly. Then I sat near the corner of the courtyard and started crying. After a few minutes I felt that I could see everywhere sharply and clearly. My Daughter! You don't need to hold my hand any more as I can perfectly see everywhere myself. Imam Rida (AS) had accepted my pleading and healed me. We then both cried and thanked Imam Rida (AS).

A blind person Regains his eyesight

Date of Healing: 9th Zil Hajjah, 1305 (1884 AD)

Kalb-i Ali was a resident of Ardabil (capital of a northwesterern province of Iran with the same name). He is one of the lucky people who was healed by Imam Rida
(AS). Kalb-i Ali narrates the story of his marvelous recovery as follows:

Once in a dream I was told to go to Ziyarat (pilgrimage) of Imam Rida (AS) in the holy city of Mashhad. Then immediately I left Ardabil for the holy shrine of the Imam Rida (AS).

When I reached Mashhad, I entered the blessed shrine with a broken heart and my eyes full of tears. When I was guided to the Imam's holy tomb I embraced it lovingly and pleaded to the Holy Imam (AS): O Imam Rida (AS)! I have come from a far distance and I plead to you seeking your heavenly help. Help me and pray to Almighty Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful for my recovery!

After a while, I fell asleep. Imam Rida (AS) visited me in my dream there. The Holy Imam (AS) who was accompanied with eleven other people rubbed my eye-lids with his blessed hand while he whispered a special prayer. The persons who were accompanying the Holy Imam (AS) would say Amen after the end of each of his sentences of the prayer. When I woke up I felt as if I had been just born from my mother. Then I noticed that I could see everything around me brightly and clearly. I started crying and thanked the kind Imam.

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