Zeinab is Zeinab

Lady Zeinab (a.s.)

To the clouded sky has come a brilliant star, a sun, which were dropped on Zahra's lap...

 To the clouded sky has come;
a brilliant star,
a sun, which were dropped on Zahra's lap.
its light blinded even the celestial sun;
for, Zeinab- the radiant has at length come.
She speaks not but with Ali's tone;
the eloquence of her father,
sprinkles across her words.
Like Zahra, she were illuminant;
her light aglowed in many hearts.
For Kulthoom she were a loving sister,
and for Ali, an adored daughter.
At a young age she bemoaned her mother's loss,
and ever since has been holding to patience.
By God ... none ever before her,
has showed such great endurance;
even the word 'patient' feels proud,
to be associated with Zeinab.
What Zahra commenced,
Zeinab continued.
What Ali continued,
Zeinab ended.
On her birth,
the Master of Martyrs chanted with joy,
"O father, Allah has given me a sister !"
The Prophet silently wept,
knowing the destined fate.
In the environment that she were budded,
even the forbearance of Ayoub wouldn't suffice.
She were the completion of a saga,
which began centuries ago.
Ibrahim sacrificed his single child in God's path,
Zeinab, gave away the fruits of her youth.
Her Aun & Muhammad, she sacrificed;
to display her unpatched love.
Zakarriyah prayed years to his God,
to give him his beloved Yahya.
Zeinab prayed on eve of Ashura to her God,
to accept her two Yahyas.
Zeinab, a model for our women,
who's beauty not even the sky had seen.
Her trust in Allah falls beyond,
the might of my humble ink.
My lady if you see me write,
you would realize the unconditional love,
that I have for you.
By your faith; I have my veil,
I owe my raised status to your belief.
You are my inspiration,
whilst tribulations befall me.
Taking your blessed name,
I learn how to remain patient.
for truly, Zeinab is Zeinab

* By: Sister Mardhiya

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