All Prophets and Messengers Warned People

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After understanding this logical problem, now we say that one lakh twenty-four thousand (1,24,000)...

All Prophets and Messengers Warned People
General Prophecy Themes

After understanding this logic problem, now we say that one lakh twenty-four thousand (1,24,000) Messengers and Prophets came to the world and all of them unanimously warned the human world of a danger saying: O People! All of your words and deeds are constantly and instantly being recorded. God has appointed two angels for every person. Whatever good or bad you do, they note it down: Maa Yal Fizu…Ateed﴿ (Surah Qaaf: 50, V: 18)

Suppose even if you are not about the coming of Qiyamah or of the Day of Judgement (Resurrection), if you have any brain, your intelligence will call upon you to take precautionary action and to be cautious. There is indeed a possibility of Qiyamah if not certainly. So, responding to this demand of reason, do not oppress anyone, do not be unjust toward anybody, do not attack anyone's honor. I hope that I may give some admonition and may be able to give a logical argument about Resurrection to make one understand that it is the demand of reason and logic to put faith in Resurrection.

Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) Admonishes A Denier Of Resurrection

It is mentioned in Usool-e-Kafi, Hadis: 2; in Kitabul Tawheed that Imam Sadiq (a.s.), during his sermons, told Ibne Abil Awjaa: “If what the religious people say is true, and doubtlessly it is true, then the believers will certainly get salvation, and you will be destroyed. And if what you say (denial of Qiyamah and accounting) is true, though it is certainly not true, even then both of you (the believers and the deniers) will be on an equal footing.”

Ibne Abil Awjaa said: Is not our and their word the same? The Hazrat said: How can it be same or equal when they (religious people) believe that Qiyamah will surely arrive and there also will be reward or punishment and when they also believe that the sky is full of its residents and that the Creator of all the skies and the earth is Only One God, you say that skies are void and that there is no God…”

You have seen that in this hadith the Hazrat (a.s.) used the argument of cautiousness for providing Resurrection. This is the minimum argument. Otherwise there must be certainty of belief about the Day of Judgement. Doubtfulness or hesitation is not at all enough, not even mere imagination.

Resurrection Is Great

We hear news about Qayamat but imagine that it is an ordinary matter, though we give much importance to this world, the same world which the Lord Creator of the Universe has termed a 'plaything': Inna Mal…Lahv﴿ (Surah Muhammad: 47, V: 36)

But about Qiyamah, which is an ordinary thing in our (mistaken) view has been given much importance by God and He has called its news “The Great News”. (Anna ba in Azeem)

Am Ma…Azeem﴿ (Surah Nabaa: 78, V: 1)

Doubtlessly Qiyamah is very great. It will be the Day when all the first and last (earlier and latter) human beings will be made to assemble. Such a huge gathering will be such that in it, everyone will be worrying about his or her result (consequences of deeds before death). All will be weeping and wailing save a few about whom we shall talk later on.

Amr Became Frightened By Qiyamah

Amr bin Maadikarb was one of the most famous brave and courageous men among Arabs. History of Islam has recorded him as one of the biggest warriors in a number of battles. Once, when he was a polytheist, he visited the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household) invited him to Islam, and said: If you will believe in Islam, God Almighty will protect you from Faza-e-Akbar (the greatest fright on the Day of Resurrection). He asked: O Muhammad! What is Faza-e-Akbar? I am so tough-hearted that no fright can make me frightened. The Holy Prophet said: 'O Amr! It is not so, as you imagined. It will be a tremendously frightening noise/voice which will make all the dead alive and make all the living die, except those whom God wishes that they should not die. Then again there will be a terrible roar which will make all the dead stand and line up. The sky will be fragmented. All the mountains will break up and become scattered. Thus there will be no living being whose heart will not be throbbing furiously due to fear, remembering the sins committed by it. All will be worrying only about their own selves except those whom God wills (that they may not become restless). O Amr! What do you think?

In short, the Holy Prophet described the frightening events of Qiyamah in such a manner that the whole body of Amr began to tremble. He said: What should I do to avoid that fright on the most terrible day? The Holy Prophet said: Say 'Laa Ilaaha Illallaah' (There is no God except Only One God).

So Amr instantly became then and there along with his entire people.

Red Hot Earth Under Denier’s Feet

On that day, wherever a man looks he will see only frightening things. The condition of this earth will be totally changed. In addition to all that we have said earlier, the ground of Resurrection will also become alive and intelligent. It will remain stable, calm and wise under the feet of the believers but the same earth/ground will turn into a burning piece of land under the feet of a denier and will be red hot, giving out flames. No curtain or veil or barrier will be seen over there, no tree nor a mountain. Everyone will look at one another. All will be human beings but their faces will be changed. In this world all are alike but on the Day of Judgement, they will take shapes and forms according to their deeds (before death).


* All Prophets and Messengers Warned People. By Shaheed Dastghaib.

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