The Islamic Revolution and Women's Role (Part 3)

The Islamic Revolution

In general, Iranian women prefer cultural activities in their social employment. Since the victory...

Women's Participation in Cultural Fields

In general, Iranian women prefer cultural activities in their social employment. Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, women have been increasingly active in the writing and translation of books and, in fact, their progress in this sphere has been so prominent that many have been awarded prizes for the «Book of the Year.» Women's managerial endeavors in publishing centers are also quite noticeable. According to a recent survey, 13 percent of Iranian journalists are women, which show a significant increase over previous years. The average age of women journalists is 23. The survey also indicates that 60 percent of women journalists in Iran are engaged in press and publications which are more or less connected with government and public institutions.

The rest are active in the independent press. About 22 percent of women journalists, whose average educational level is a bachelor's degree, are active in news reporting. Of women journalists, 18 percent hold a master’s degree and 6 percent have doctorate degrees. Moreover, journalism constitutes the only source of income for 41 percent of women journalists in Iran.

According to present statistics, 900 women are active in film production and 1,800 are employed in activities connected with the television broadcasting network. A seminar on «Women and the Mass Media» convened in Tehran in 1994, highlighted many of the activities undertaken by women in the mass media in Iran.

In addition to the above-mentioned cultural fields, Iranian women have proved and established their abilities and talents in painting, graphic architecture, sculpture and other arts.

Women's Participation in Economic Fields

Even though fourteen centuries have passed since complete economic independence was foreseen and guaranteed for women by Islam, domination and oppression world-wide has prevented women from achieving their principle economic rights and privileges.

In today's Iranian society, women have demonstrated that they have capabilities and potential talents which, under proper conditions, can greatly contribute to the national wealth and economic development.

The awareness and voluntary participation of Iranian women in a wide range of economic fields have greatly increased since they have been provided with more technical experience and scientific knowledge.

About 50 percent of Iranian women live in rural areas. Almost 100 percent of these rural women participate in some form of agricultural processing or cottage industry. Maximizing women's participation in economic activities is a prime objective of the employment schemes of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Provision of loans to women, supplying them with the means of production and raw materials and organizing training courses and workshops to promote their knowledge and technical capability will contribute to their increased presence in economic activities.

* Source: mahjubah magazine

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