The Prophet's Commandments In the Garments

The Prophet's Manner

He had many rings, engraved on one “Mohammad is God's prophet”, on another “There is no...

152. He mostly wore white garments, and liked green ones too.

153. He used to encourage the people to always keep cleanliness, and ordered to do it.

154. He had many rings, engraved on one “Mohammad is God’s prophet”, on another “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is God’s prophet”, and on the third “God is truthful”. He used to wear his rings in his right hand.

155. He despised black except in three: the turban, shoes and the garment.

156. It is favorable when wearing the shoes to start by the right foot, and when taking it off, start by the left.

157. He wore mostly white garments, and had a special garment for Fridays (because it is a “Celebration day – eid”).

* Book: The Prophet's Manners. By: Sayed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra

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