The Prophet's Commandments In the Table Etiquette

The Prophet's Manner

He used to eat like the slaves did, he sat like the slaves sat and he used to eat and sleep...

109. He used to eat like the slaves did, he sat like the slaves sat and he used to eat and sleep on the floor.

110. When he sat to a banquet, he sat like slaves sit, on his left thigh.

111. After eating, PBUHH used to lock his fingers.

112. And whatever he was offered, if it contained dates, he’d start by them.

113. He used to eat with his wives and servants and whoever invites him from the Muslims.... unless if he received a guest, he’d eat with him.

114. The best banquet to him was the crowdy one.

115. After every two bites, he used to thank God.

116. If he was having his fast-breaking meal at some people’s banquet, he’d say: “The fasters broke their fast at you, and the righteous ate your food, and the munificent prayed on you”.

117. When he drank, he used to take 3 breaths, in each he’d cite the Name of God (In the Name of God Al-Mighty), and when he stopped he’d thank Him (Thank God Al-Mighty) and didn’t breathe in the pot; infact, he’d remove it away from his mouth to breath.

118. When he used to drink, he’d suck the water slowly, with normal breath rate, and never gobbled it quickly, breathless.... and didn’t hold the pot and breathe in it because breathing in it makes it putrid.

119. He used to eat what he finds (as a symbol of satisfaction, thankfulness, morals and gratification of amenities).

120. He liked of the meat the limb, he liked honey, ate grapes one by one, ate the water-melon, dates and drank water on it, squirting cucumbers with salt, the dandelion, cabbages and pomegranate.

121. He ate dates a lot, and so did our Imams (peace be upon them all).... and it was received from them: “Our followers love dates too because they were made from us”.

122. When he ate, PBUHH, he’d cite in the Name of God, eat from what’s next to him from food and never take what’s in front of others. He ate with 3 fingers (the thumb, the forefinger and the middle finger) and doesn’t eat alone.

123. He never criticized the food, if he liked it, he ate it, and if he didn’t, he left it without preventing others from it (as they might have liked it).

124. When he’d finish eating, he’d lick the 3 fingers by which he ate (as a sign of gratification to the amenities) and whenever possible, he never ate alone.

125. He didn’t eat hot food, until it cooled.

126. He’d wash his hands from the food to clarify them.

127. From the favorable commandments:

a- Ablution before eating.

b- Sitting on the left leg.

c- Eating by the three mentioned fingers above and licking them after.

d- Washing hands before and after eating.

e- Putting the vegetable herbs on the dining table.

128. The prophet (PBUHH) said: “If a believer invited me over to eat the meat limb, I’d consent, and this is from our religion, and if the disbeliever or hypocrite invited me over to eat lamb and camel meat, I’d refuse, and this is also from our religion”.

My God Al-Mighty denied for me the best of what hypocrites and disbelievers have.

* Book: The Prophet's Manners. By: Sayed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra

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