The Prophet's Commandments For Marriage and Children

The Prophet's Manner

And it was mentioned in different texts, about his family (PBUHH): “From the prophets' morals...

97. He used to say: “Who loves to follow my commandments has to get married”.

98. And it was mentioned in different texts, about his family (PBUHH): “From the prophets’ morals is to love women”

“God has made the night to reside and made women the residence”.

99. And he said: “Ibrahim was zealous and I’m zealous from him”.

100. And it was said in the story of Prophet Moses, that he said to a woman: “Follow me and direct me to the way, as we are a group of people who don’t look to the posterior of women”.

101. And it was received from the prophet that he forbade God from “….. a woman who ages her husband before his aging time”.

102. “Any child born to us was called Mohammad, and after 7 days, if we wanted to change it, we did, otherwise leave it”.

103. When the prophet used to awake in the morning, he used to coax the heads of his children and grand children.

104. And it is both favorable and pious that the man names his child after his father’s name.

105. According to the holy commandments, when a “boy” is born:

a- Name him a good name as the worship Names of God, the prophets and the Imams.

b- Shave his head.

c- Circumcise him.

d- Immolate sheep, cows or camels…. according to its special methods.

106. It is favorable to encourage children to pray and fast…. even if they fasted half the day, more or less…. for them to get used to it…. If they couldn’t keep their fast till the end of the day, they can break it.

107. If any of his family passed through a need or poverty, my beloved prophet (PBUHH) used to say to them: “Go and pray” and he’d say: “By this God has ordered me”.

God Al-Mighty said: And enjoin prayer on your followers, and steadily adhere to it; we do not ask you for subsistence; we do give you subsistence and the good end is for guarding against the evil﴿. Taha-132

108. Infact, the medicine which requires no other, and does not need a doctor, is as the prophet (PBUHH) said:

a- Rain water.

b- Read on it “The Introduction – “ 70 times.

c- Read on it “The Men – “ 70 times.

d- Read on it “The Dawn –  “ 70 times.

e- Pray on the prophet (PBUHH) 70 times.

f- Say “Praise God“ 70 times.

g- Then drink from this water, morning and night for 7 consecutive days.

* Book: The Prophet's Manners. By: Sayed Sami Bin Hassan Khadra

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